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World on the Brink: Youth Still Demand Justice

Bravo to the beautiful youth who stand and demand justice. Protests at the high-dollar schools are getting a lot of attention, partly because these students are the ones who can actually afford to raise their heads up. However, it is quite universal, this youthful expectation that people should not slaughter each other.

Left-right division spawns confrontations and violence the world over. Now campuses across America are fighting their own versions of the battle. Colleges are being forced to get clear about where they stand on basic rights like free speech, and indeed, humanity over profits. Some are not standing up well to the scrutiny, just like President Biden as leader of the democrats is losing credibility. Biden cannot afford to speak out; he has no moral basis. Proxy war like we wage around the world is now rumbling around our campuses.

Morning Joe’s attempted student take down

The world over, across all social strata, youth are horrified and unable to accept the offense imposed on humanity by Biden and Netanyahu. So, students protest and Israel threatens funding. Of course, Morning Joe weighs in.

Today, Biden’s MSNBC Morning Joe team tried hard to beat back the students. (“Beat” is here used colloquially, but we are early in this growing social turmoil. For this article, think of beat (the active verb) as “being subjected to aggressive denial and suppression”. Certainly quite a few kids actually were beaten, but so far not massively).

Morning Joe resorted to the broken Biden-Israel propaganda basics with a purposeful vengence. Joe Scarborough started with a conflated use of the term antisemitism, in such a way as to distort the intent and meaning for most students (and to actually promote antisemitism (Israel monetizes antisematism and uses proceeds to buy American political influence)). Scarborough promoted an inflammatory interpretation of the saying “from the river to the sea”, after which he said the students are Hamas. Scarborough said students are confused again, like in the 1960’s, and they still “don’t run” anything. According to Scarborough, “the adults in the room” need to crack down hard, assuming they can be found. For more distortion, he called them Trump supporters. (See 09:55 to 13:04).

Critisizing Morning Joe’s student coverage

Morning Joe should not be so hostile and defensive over students who demand justice. It could be interpretted that Scarborough is afraid and he is apt to have more such stories. The most pitiful dimension of his show today was his attempt to take the moral high ground, in the form of hateful Israeli sound bites. He should thank the students for taking a stand; this is America. If he thinks they are wrong, he should meaningfully engage them, not trash them.

The scarist part of today’s Morning Joe is the bigger picture they project. The 1960’s were bloody brutal in the streets. Now, war and political dysfunction are accepted and even promoted. A tyrant can take care of it in one fell swoop. Sadly, there is no liberal left in America. Who is getting prepared for what?

Stand for Independent Jouralism

There is a startling ongoing harvest of journalism. Even the big politically-aligned media are getting squeezed this way and that. Still, one still might need to read and filter and even interpret the corporate players.

Then there are the independents, the news sources most vulnerable to harvest. The independents; these you need to read and go on to support if you have it within you. It can be as simple as sharing the material for a good cause.

More than you might think, and certainly more than the establishment wants, people demand justice and all their due rights. To be safe and improve the quality of life, people need informative journalism. Accurate and complete information has always been most available from the relatively independent sources.

Most corporate media no longer even bothers to suggest independence. Plus, there is an abundance of media infighting, breaking relationships and banning words.

Last week, Biden celebrated the release of $95 billion more in war money, to carry our proxy wars well into the future. Given Gaza, world opinion of the USA and Israel is deteriorating, leaving them alone as premier capitalist warmongers. Given this, Israel continues to bomb anything that moves, including Iran. This fascist endeavor is threatening Biden’s re-election.

Much of the following content came through Z, an independent news source. Their motto is ‘the spirit of resistance lives.’ They show a raw urgency. So, maybe you find them interesting.

Demanding Justice in the USA and South Korea

  • Unions have been making good gains in the Southern USA, including a historic victory for Volkswagen employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Climate activists in NYC have shut down the entrance to Citibank, demanding they stop their funding of fossil fuels.
  • Young people of the Sunrise Movement have been working with the American Climate Corps. They just launched a new program which will pay 20,000 young people to do community climate work. Find application here.  
  • Youth in South Korea have raised a case to the country’s high court.

Students Demand Justice Around the World

Campus uprisings are igniting across the US  and internationally in the form of Gaza solidarity encampments similar to Columbia. Thousands of diverse students, faculty, academic workers, and allies are holding their ground in love and peace, despite threats of state violence, arrest and expulsion, and mainstream media vitriol. The increased repression has intensified resolve and increased numbers.

Jews and Arabs Are Banding Together Against the Biden-Israel Atrocity

Thousands of Jews held public “emergency seders” and other actions proclaiming their solidarity with Palestinian Liberation and rejecting continued attempts to weaponize trauma and antisemitism. At arrest, participants repeat their mantras. “Never again for anyone”, “Palestine is everywhere”, and “Not in our name”.

Mainstream media has described this movement as “extremist mobs”. If you look at the diversity of the crowds, the cross cultural singing and dancing, and the commitment to nonviolence, then you know it is not a movement of hate.

Mainstream news bleats out “Fear change! Fear the other! Fear the mob!” yet is silent on mass graves. Genocide rips through Gaza, SudanEthiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Authoritarianism is on the rise and sucking political prisoners into its maw from the US, to Russia, to Ecuador