Michigan Uncommitted Voters Sick and Tired of Biden Chicanery

uncommitted voters in Michigan say stop the genocide

Uncommitted voters in Michigan are like millions of Democrats around the country. The Palestinian genocide is a bridge too far, yes. As in unfathomable.

Irreparable damage continues unabated, slowed a tad only because there are fewer people and places left to bomb. But when Biden’s Baby Bi Bi finds targets, the bombs fly and the cash registers keep ringing. Even the Nazis initially tried to hide their genocide.

The Gaza carnage symbolizes, exemplifies, and puts a fine point on the seemingly endless stockpile of government failures that has pushed America beyond the tipping point. More than any other living politician, Joe Biden brought us here. The democratic party as he has molded will change going forward.

For Sure, Dearborn Is On the Map

Many Americans are now tuned in and aware as regards Dearborn, Michigan. It’s a lot more than the Ford’s headquarters. It is wonderful people and community. I have been a poll worker there. Biden intends to be in Dearborn on Thursday; maybe he should meet with Mayor Abdullah Hammoud.

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, PBS NewsHour of Detroit and Dearborn, put out a fine article describing tonight’s Democratic primary “uncommitted” effort. She covered local people and their reasoning. It featured coverage of Former U.S. Rep. Andy Levin, to wit: “Levin said he is “very concerned that Joe Biden can’t win Michigan unless he changes course on Gaza” and he doesn’t think Biden can win the White House without winning Michigan.”

Mr. Levin lost his Michigan 11th house seat to Haley Stevens. Ms. Stevens has the backing of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an extreme right-wing organization with influence over Democrats and Republicans. This was a telling example of how the Democratic establishment bills itself as moderate or centrist while eliminating any hint of meaningful progress.

Uncommitted Voter Folly per MSNBC

The Michigan Democratic primary is ongoing now, as I write this up, listening to the MSNBC spin. MSNBC is cartoonishly working to discount and minimize the Gaza genocide manifested in today’s uncommitted voter campaign. Some of the following points were restyled and repeated over the course of the evening.

  • it is beyond Biden’s control; he is trying; “I am confident Biden will pay attention and respect the uncommitted voter interests, he might do something” (MI Senator Stabenow)
  • we have plenty of time until November when this might not be an issue; now it is unresolvable, so back off and reduce expectations; “the train’s out of the station so just get on board” (MI Governor Whitmer)
  • switching away from the topic to disparage Trump; “don’t compare him to the almighty compare him to the alternative”; the lesser-of-evils fallback stance
  • democrat powers expected this; uncommitted happens every cycle; voters get confused; just like New Hampshire and Obama in the past; never means much; this too shall pass
  • abhorrence over Palestinian deaths is isolated to the Dearborn stronghold and a couple of college towns; it was decidedly “not a good night for the uncommitted cause”, and it emphatically was a “good night” for the Democratic establishment; “uncommitted are without power and there will be no change in the Democratic trajectory” (Simon Rosenberg, Democrat Strategist)

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