Biden’s Bipartisan Fiscal Deal: Great for the Right and the Far Right

Biden Bipartisan Deal Called Out as Not for the Average Joe

This 2023 fiscal deal shows where bipartisan tradeoff has taken the country. Biden is already shrugging off the backlash and the propaganda machines are straining to make it go down easy. There’s little in it for the common citizenry and nothing progressive.

This deal was a another win for the 1%ers and another costly loss for the 99%. There is nothing to brag about in Bidens new budget:

  • doesn’t include a penny in revenue from the top 1%;
  • precludes helping student loan victims;
  • increases spending for war profiteers;
  • fast tracks fossil fuel projects;
  • and increases poverty & hunger.

Team Biden, establishment Democrats, brag this deal up as being centrist and supporting middle America. Mr. Biden, there is no meaningful middle any more; it has died by the form of capitalism you so strongly promote. You are rendering it tyranny.

Anything short of tangible relief for the suffering masses is further erosion of democracy. You know all this, Mr. Biden. The Democrats cannot keep being the “do nothing” party and declaring it a win. Democrats have lost their stature as the lesser-of-evils. Of course, the democrat establishment will keep killing or manipulating any attempts to field progressive or independent candidates.

Biden, who has totally shut down the progressives with his sinister fiscal deal.

Sure they say: this is the way we work, we have to avoid a crisis, you can’t always get what you want, ad nauseum. But this is not just another in the tradition of short-changing the poor and protecting the rich. Tyranny is front and center now, actively tearing down democracy. Once again, the Democrats demonstrate that they will not fight; just keep the money coming.

Bipartisanship Has Become All Too Predictable – Business as Usual

There are no surprises in Biden’s and McCarthy’s choreographed lament over not getting everything they wanted, though in fact, they both did. The result wouldn’t have been any different if Trump were still president – except for less arguing. They celebrate a fresh band-aid, though they know the economy is going to keep getting worse.

Biden and indeed, the Democratic party altogether, can no longer market themselves as the party of the people. We again see that Democrats don’t fight hard, at least not for the poor. Biden’s financial sell-off, as concerning as it is, doesn’t even make the list of top Biden failures and broken promises. Effectively, there is no longer any ‘left’ of substance in America; only right and far right. We sorely need a peaceful caring anti-fascist presence within the government.

Bipartisan Trap as Set: All Bad, No Good

How putridly wicked is bipartisanship that cuts away at democracy in the country’s time of need? That’s hard to quantify, but the Biden-McCarthy “debt deal” well demonstrates our feckless leadership.

Today, with great fanfare and weeks of machinations by hordes of helpers, the establishment arrived at the usual fiscal deal, which could have been cut in fifteen minutes. But then again, there was a lot of loot to divvy up. In fact, bipartisanship ensured that the IRS stays hobbled, so no taxes collected on the rich, which is even better than another tax cut in the elitist’s eyes.

Bipartisanship, enabled by the filibuster, is stalemate and plunder by design. We could do much and be more fair, but the ruling elitists are steadfast in not allowing progress for the common people. Morality is essentially dead when it comes to the big decisions, and the filibuster is at the immoral core. Meanwhile, we are stirring up new wars.

For the public, there is nothing in establishment leadership that is not theater. We the people are made to stare at a bipartisan termination of the great democracy experiment. What will finally get the people in the streets? Get real America.