graphic calling for hope and determination to create the new America

Hope and Determination for the New America

The new America is coming. We must work to make it what we want, need, and deserve. Common people need to help shape it through their hope and determination. Thinking caring people know we can do better; we need to take advantage of the opportunity before us, before it is gone.

Change is constant and natural. But in 2024 America, change is more rapid and drastic, and the stakes are huge. An assault on democracy is happening the whole world over. A major “turning of the page” is upon us. So, let’s admit there will be a new America.

We all have hope, and hope matters, so bring it to the effort. Plus, a significant majority of us are determined to make democracy work again, suggesting we care and will work for it; it being a new America. In fact, everybody can influence the “new and improved” America. We need to choose to see the possibilities and work together, to design and build it. Your opportunity is America’s opportunity. If we do not work with purpose to save American democracy, it will be stripped away altogether. A fierce ruling minority is working hard to hand the country over to tyranny.

For the sake of America, for life and well-being as we desire, people need to come together and harness the power of change. This goal of this article is to help the public see the possibilities.

A Key to the New America

Our strongest defense against autocracy is an informed public. Autocracy works hard to divide people, and we have seen such division growing in our congress and courts. So, please do not think it too assuming if the words like ‘our’ or ‘we’ are used. This is a sincere attempt to bring people together. Democracy is still the way to unify people and give them power.

graphic of pillars of democracy, like an old Greek building, as the things we need for the new America.

America has never been on the sideline of the world, and she will not be in the future. America has been the bright shining city on the hill, guiding the way by democracy. We must return to the tenants that define a democracy, modernizing and implementing them better.

Democracy is the main assumption and starting point to make the change. Democracy has not failed America; American politicians have failed democracy. Morals and leadership are like our Achilles heel, in the writer’s opinion.

Helping shape and make the change (or at least understanding and supporting it!).

Of course, change can be good or not so good. America needs change that cannot be left to chance or negative influences. We (the people of America) still have an opportunity to shape the change. It will not be easy and positive change will not happen by accident. So, let us treat the coming change as an opportunity.

There has always been this claim that we can be made stronger by working through the challenges of the day; it is the idea that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. America can return as the best example of democracy. We can be better than ever, where people are secure with a reasonable quality of life, with strong world influence.

There are many like-minded people and organizations working to preserve and improve our democratic republic, the new America. In fact, liberal democracy supporters need a well-defined single coalition or initiative behind which we the people can coalesce. Democratic causes are suffering from divide and conquer.

Please sign in and provide any ideas or insights on how we might “get all the wood behind one arrow”. While not calling for a revolution, the job requires more than “business as usual”. So, the necessary change likely will not come through the political parties as they exist and operate. The fix is more than this election season.

Big rocks must be worked first and be worked hard.

If you agree that America has big basic problems, then it is necessary to be clear about what they are. Powerful organizations like the Brookings Institute call out many threats to democracy, which are important and a good way to learn. But here is a suggested short list of the big rocks in the road, the items that must be part of the action plan. They are the big rocks because, if not worked hard from the beginning, the smaller things will never have a chance.

Big rocks in the way of the new America:

  1. Peoples’ change readiness needs to be built. This starts with a belief in human nature, recognizing that man is good and can change for the better.
  2. Minority rule is in place and threatens mankind at large. It is a direct deadly threat to any form of democracy. Racism is a driver of minority rule.
  3. America’s war culture and economy is deadly to everything. The world looks at the USA in horror as we turn the world into rubble.

Let’s work these big rocks until the new America takes shape. Humanity depends on it.

the new America graphic borrowed from defunct British music group by the same name
The New America, with permission from the British musical group of the same name.

Examples against hope and determination: ignorance and scapegoating

America has to overcome, for instance, ignorance and scapegoating, as touched upon here. Basic ignorance and scapegoating work against hope and determination.

People are either willfully ignorant, or they’re readily swallowing disinformation of the fascist right. Opportunists openly lie if there is money to be made, regardless of the costs further down the road. Staying informed requires effort, and most people don’t want to put in the effort.

The climate continues to deteriorate. The masses will first look for scapegoats, and then they’ll look for easy solutions. Since they themselves are a big part of the problem, and there are no easy solutions, things will continue to deteriorate. This is a golden opportunity for an autocrat who will provide the scapegoats and the easy solution.

For a while the solution has been to blame the messenger and continue on the wrong path. With autocrats coming into office, the window to effect real change is closing rapidly. Sadly, many young people see what’s happening, which explains much of their behavior. One 24-year-old woman says her generation is burdened with both the dark future and the expectations to fix it. In the face of this, many are just checking out.

Consider Supporting the New America, even to stay informed and share the hope.

When we get to the new America, public officials shouldn’t have to hide behind security details. Politics and justice will not be for sale. We the people will know what happened with the recent nuclear fusion breakthrough. The measurements of success could go on and on. Maybe you have one?

Given the tumultuous conditions in America, every action matters. Everything we the people do in the name of America, or to influence the new America, either helps or hurts.

Life as we know it is changing before our eyes. Sadly, we have an abundance of failed leadership and American Democracy has taken many blows. But the American spirit will prevail. The country can only go up from here if the people can come together and work for the common good. That is what democracy is all about!