graphic depicting minority rule as a lop-sided teeter saw.

Minority Rule Is Here. So, Fight or Bend Over

Sorry to be so blunt, but the perpetrators of minority rule have America right where they want it. The king-like American rulers can now plunder as they see fit. Among this ruling minority, there is no meaningful respect for mankind or sharing of the bounty. Subservient politicians just go along and need never work too hard, with a nice pension and maybe a security detail.

Minority rule comes about when the government is manipulated to keep power in the hands of an elitist few. As might be obvious, those few are white male land/business owners. The Constitution has holes that allow for this. So, the lucky few continue to be protected today. It is blatantly racist. It makes the game ‘rigged.’ NPR here provides a current summary of the topic. Warnings picked up in recent years, especially since the GOP under Trump broke the game wide open. Now, minority rule is becoming a characteristic of government. Full minority rule equals open tyranny. So, please understand it and resist.

Minority rule is far enough along that the perpetrators are, with almost casual ease, making it impossible to reverse. Most people don’t see it and are not prepared for the new darker turn it is taking. The every-day slew of bad headlines all link back to minority rule. It is the biggest rock in the way of salvaging a new America.

SCOTUS is the deadliest show of minority rule 

The SCOTUS is the same as that cop standing on the neck of George Floyd, except they are standing on the neck of America. Not just black America, which would be bad enough. Rather, they choke out the whole of liberal democracy. They do this openly before our eyes. It is not a coincidence that the court is actually one and the same with that killer cop. The same lawlessness and deviant tendencies and conditions drive both. Like bad cops, they show the same lack of respect for the law and are full of the same can-do-no-wrong impudence.

The Justices’ gurgling voices say it all, that they are so far gone it is now a sport. They snuff out the seriousness of the insurrection and grant Trump immunity, showing treachery that is no different than a cop flagrantly killing a poor black man. Their glib self-righteousness can be heard above the rising chaos. You can hear their resentment at being expected to do something, along with their smirk of dark humor.

Not every justice jumps out free and happy and self-righteous to tear down America. It is the rot at the SCOTUS’s core. The abominable core of this court is minority rule brought to life and empowered. It is sickness that openly breaks the law and will not recuse when they have a spouse directly involved in the treasonous crime at hand.

A SCOTUS designed and built for minority rule

Republicans broke every rule and convention to form this right-wing court. Now the SCOTUS revels in taking away rights of the people. This is deadly for citizens, as when SCOTUS makes it worse for homeless, or medical, or prisoners. And it is deadly for the country when they abandon democratic principles in direct service to tyranny. With their protection of Trump, they prove that justice delayed is justice denied. And it can be especially deadly as they signal intolerance for the peoples’ right to assemble. They pave the way for the wanna-be tyrant.

At Trump’s immunity hearing, this court went from deeply authoritarian arguments to irrational what-if analysis. This leaves it at lawlessness, and has no foundation in the Constitution. They shut their eyes to the insurrection, and seem anxious to pave the way for more. 

Minority rule is manifested in the Supreme Court, particularly five men: Alito, Thomas, Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh

The SCOTUS is openly intervening on behalf of Trump, at this most critical juncture in the history of the republic. This is the minority’s plan coming together. The Justices are having their political way, the way of minority rule, elegantly by simply doing nothing. While it is self-evident that Trump is criminally liable, SCOTUS is letting the clock run out. Trump must be legally accountable, but SCOTUS is not really listening. It is a shameful sidestep of responsibility. They are the “fix.” In the end, they should go the way of Trump.

Democrats are, at best, the useful idiots

Maybe the democrats are just playing the useful idiots, but quite possibly that is who they truly are. Democrats, as they currently operate, are stumbling under minority rule. So, is it willful? They probably cannot say.

Democrats make big noise about democracy being on the ballot (again). However, the democrats, through Biden-Netanyahu, are waging war on behalf of fascism. Biden takes fascism to the Palestinians mercilessly, and does nothing to slow the advance of fascism at home. Every month or so the democrats say Thomas should recuse himself, a piece of weak protocol. Any good democrats have to just hunker down or get squeezed out.

The hurtful bipartisan duopoly

President Biden is representative, near exclusively, of the same ruling minority as his republican counterparts. The democrats do it their own way for the most part, slower and from a different angle than the republicans, but relentlessly.

With the republicans, democrats enjoy the day-to-day gravy train through the filibuster and the money-driven political structure. And of course, war. And more war. All to strengthen the minority. On these minority rule issues the parties always sync up. This is the politicians’ attraction to bipartisanship.

Why give the democrats special attention? Because they are the party that could recover and go on track for the good of a new America. But, both American political parties work false narratives under propaganda machines, like MSNBC versus Fox. And both parties work to use the language of democracy in support of all their anti-democratic acts. So, in the end, it is just stylistic differences. Electing Joe Biden again does not delay their march into minority rule.

Minority rule is that ghostly civil war

Just like the US Civil War, a ghostly civil war is being fought now. It is being fought over the same issues and goals as the first one. Once again, it is about the privileged class of people building themselves up at the expense others. Raised to an art form, to extreme levels. Once again with people strained insufferably. One could stretch to say random mass shootings are an indicator or a precursor, but let us not. However, we must assume the Supreme Court had good reason to put the big new walls and barriers around the court buildings. After all, the SCOTUS knows what they are doing.

This is really it. Smart well-financed people have been working hard to take down the government, to switch it to minority rule; AKA tyranny. If the privileged rulers or their lackies see such as this article, they would probably only laugh. But the people are waking up.