In the face of tyranny, whom will you vote for, characterized by a vague picture of Biden

Questions Lost and Found in the Face of Tyranny

Americans are looking at the face of tyranny. People who think it goes away by simply re-electing Biden and getting rid of Netanyahu need to consider the full picture. Biden might be the lesser-of-evils, but his business-as-usual is still a step further into tyranny.

The modern face of tyranny started taking shape with the Nazi experience of WWII. Or call it fascism or authoritarianism or extreme-right tendencies. For anybody who values democratic life, there is no time to quibble over labels and definitions. Tyranny is with us, and vying for full control. The Gaza atrocity is bringing the face of tyranny into sharp focus.

It is tyrannical that the USA has devolved to the point that Biden and Trump are our only presidential candidates. While Trump is detestable, one can believe what he and the GOP says. Not so much so with President Biden. He has dusted off and shined up the same tired promises; tax the rich, etcetera. Even the contention that he will “save democracy” is edging toward loathsome, given his spotty record, timing, and controlling doctrines.

At any time, Biden can simply stop the Gaza bombs, which would be a humanitarian act. But that would not absolve him of responsibility for (to date) forty thousand or so Palestinian dead and/or missing. America is complicit in the genocide as called out in the international court. Ironically, it is a court that the USA established, only to ignore. Gaza is the hottest fascist fire in the world, and team Biden has been pouring gasoline on it. What does that make them?

WWIII, or Stand Back and Stand By

America is a big wounded beast on the world stage, given failed military campaigns and the growing BRICS organization. Hence, the USA is a distinct and extremely dangerous animal, given stockpiled and projected weapons, and 800 military bases around the world. At his state of the union talk, President Biden didn’t bother to mention the administration’s $2 trillion commitment to upgrade all forms of nuclear weapons. This constitutes about half the country’s discretionary budget over the next twenty years, implying stripped social programs in the homeland. And more wars.

By proxy and direct military action, America is pursuing another unwinnable war. Again it is in the Middle East, where oil money is still the great allure, where Judeo-Christian influences are wont to say the final war is upon us. So, in synch with Israel’s aggression, the United States is waging an incredibly dangerous multi-front war in the region. Even corporate news openly acknowledges it is the proverbial powder keg. It is avoidable, but the USA again choses war.

It is not Jewish people or their faith that has brought the war; it is the state of Israel. This is an important distinction. The world is growing increasingly weary of Israel’s attempts to conflate criticism of its violations of international law with anti-Semitism.

Israel Shows Its Face of Tyranny

Jews are biblically “God’s chosen people” and they promote themselves as the most victimized of the human race. Given the Holocaust (six million deaths) and all the racism that led up to it, Jewish people were certainly most victimized. But now, Israel is deprecating the gravity of the Holocaust by their action in Gaza. Their genocidal actions are hypocritical, near unfathomably so.

Israel has the right to protect itself from attacks like that levied by Hamas on October 7th. But since that date, the world has watched in increasing horror as Israel’s response far exceeds defense or retribution. With cell phones and social media, it is impossible to hide what is going on. Israel’s government and some factions of the population show pride and determination to be an openly racist aggressor, wantonly looking to kill all Palestinians.

Netanyahu gets to keep his government as long as he keeps the war going. A humane solution to the Gaza situation starts with replacing Netanyahu. But, even with all his baggage, Netanyahu is the lesser-of-evils within Israel, just as Biden is within America. Biden and Netanyahu are both tolerant of right-wing atrocities, and waiting behind each of them are others who are even more tyrannical, like Trump and Ben-Gvir.V.

The world is aghast at the Israeli slaughter and hatred of Palestinians in Gaza, now well into systematic starvation. The face of tyranny can be found in the face of Israel’s people. Per the New York Times, far more than 60% of the state’s people:

  • are on board with the war,
  • oppose a two-state solution,
  • and are opposed to any form of Palestinian aid.

Against this backdrop, the Human Rights Watch now says Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war.

Israel’s Controlling Hold on America

Militarily and politically, the USA always sponsors Israel in international forums. But this blind devotion has long been an obvious fault. Israel is fantastical against anti-Semitism, even as the Israeli state offends the world.

Certainly, Biden could advance a real Middle East solution. But that would fly in the face of the near countless billions of dollars of war finance that Biden and Obama routinely gave Israel from 2012 to 2016. Today in the region, it is the same issues and entities as when Obama-Biden lit this fuse. The spend down against these appropriations goes on, and does not include billions more in special appropriations at every stumble along the way. They label it as defense spending, while Israel blatantly wages genocide.

Whether or not Biden-Obama planned this Middle East crisis, it is a function of their capitalist warmongering. If unchecked, the situation easily descends to WWIII. America needs to take care of business at home. Warmongering continues to drain the life of American people:

  • Childhood poverty in America has doubled in the last couple of years;
  • Congress feigns an inability to keep the government lights on;
  • All Israelis enjoy highest quality state-provided health care.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats have always been steadfast together in blind devotion to Israel. The Israel-America love affair is the prime manifestation of bipartisanship. Of course, it has a hold over Trump and Biden. Neither of them wants to be responsible for any space showing between the two countries. So, they are two sides of the same coin. They compete for the presidency in order to get the credit and control the contracts and call the shots. But, in any case, they are going to the same scary place, increasingly wrapped in right-wing Judeo-Christian righteousness, or at least claiming it and playing on it.

Control of the Israeli Lobby

Under the umbrella of the Israeli Lobby, pro-Israel groups (who wish not to be called Jewish) have long worked and invested to control US foreign policy. Their work has included various forms of Zionism as tools, which have reached into the US Supreme Court. The lobby’s recent efforts and groups have been especially concerned with elections, targeting any activity contrary to Israeli interests.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a domineering extreme right-wing organization of the Israeli Lobby, in increasing control of American politicians and elections. They are especially now targeting democrats. With the demise of the NRA, AIPAC might be the biggest direct threat to American freedom interests.

The most sinister and aggressive element of the Israeli Lobby might be Canary Mission, a scary face of tyranny. They are the prime source of antisemitism, that being anything contrary to Israeli interests, usually labeled as hatred. Canary Mission particularly targets schools.

Maybe you recall how Jewish nationalism came down on American university students and labeled them as antisemitic for coming out against the Gaza carnage. Authorities chose to ignore or keep such coordinated (and successful) suppression under wraps. Certainly, some authorities were Jewish and facilitated the McCarthy-like suppression.

Incredibly, in recent days, Israel doubled down on American student suppression. The Israeli state formalized a task force to carry out covert campaigns at American universities. Why would the US government not protect college students from such “shaming and pressuring” operations?

Sacrifices of Democracy and Reputation

The state of Israel is controlled by right-wing extremists who display racism born of unlimited self-righteousness and hate. The USA accommodates, for the money it represents. America’s form of capitalism comes at direct expense to democracy. A more socialist democracy would make a huge positive difference.

The rulers of Israel or the USA seem unconcerned that they are acting as pariahs on the world stage. They are actively distancing themselves from the United Nations, and their credibility is undercut around the world. By advancing the Gaza war, America is losing the moral high ground, and people are losing confidence.

Similarities of Trump and Biden

The democratic and republican parties prop up Israel as the lynchpin of American policy. Both parties promote and channel the interests of eager Zionist Christians and evangelical Christians in America; Israel is glad to have them. The two parties demonstrate similarities that get carried over to Trump and Biden.

Trump and Biden approach Israel similarly. For instance, Trump urged Israel aggression forward by recognizing disputed area in Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Not to be outdone, Biden relentlessly favors and bends over backward for Israel. For example, one month before the Gaza war started, the Biden administration started allowing visa-free travel between Israel and the USA. Sixteen senators pushed back on the waiver-free travel, because of Israel’s lack of democratic reciprocity. It is correct to call out this absence of reciprocity. Waiver-free travel involving Israel should be rescinded right now. Americans increasingly question the $4B plus per year of unaccounted Israeli military spending.

Biden and Trump vying to be the American face of tyranny

Uncertainty and Risks in the Face of Tyranny

  • Israelis get nervous when it is said that the “Gaza war must be stopped” rather than “the Gaza war must be stopped and the hostages returned.” Hamas made an attack on October 7th and they are still holding hostages.
  • America is known as the country of unending, unwinnable war, most of which are waged on a proxy basis. Biden played a lead role in establishing the USA’s modern harsh war reality, usually in support of imperialism. He has sacrificed his principles when needed, and Gaza is a distinctive new episode.
  • American institutions are being hollowed out before our very eyes. For prime example, “where law ends, tyranny begins” is written in stone on one of the Washington DC Supreme Court buildings.
  • Effectively, there is no left or liberal force or meaningful presence in America, not in the democratic party as subdued by Biden. Team Biden is well right of center. He essentially cut left-leaners out of the budgeting process. Biden keeps a list of promoted national-social accomplishments, which is better than nothing. His accomplishments are deficient and slow to materialize for the typical citizen.
  • With the formation of Israel in 1948, Christian Zionism began amassing fortunes and influencing politics in relation to Israel and its foreign policy. They got a big boost in popularity through Reagan. Zionists assert themselves as evangelical Christians. Christian Zionism and evangelism are political and right-wing by definition, with no respect for church-state separation, now growing and calling for Palestinian eradication. Biden boasts that he is a Zionist. Trump is claiming to be their leader.
  • Neocons and corporate capitalism, in conjunction with the military industrial complex, operates above the fray. If democracy dies in the dark, capitalism will still shine bright. Biden has done more for corporate Wall Street interests than anybody.

President Biden Must Stop Mutilating the World

Biden needs to recognize that thinking caring Americans see his war aggression, and his lack of commensurate respect for Palestinian lives. As more is learned and the tragedy drags on, people will not relent. People are reminding themselves they are not powerless or hopeless. Already, local politicians are having to say it is not them, it is Biden. Resistance will grow in the face of tyranny.

Biden cannot blow off the people through weak half-hearted measures like calling for more aid. He must stop the war now and address the underlying mechanisms (policy) that enables it. Anything less is tyrannical.

Last week, The Washington Post reported Biden’s quiet transfer of billions of dollars in additional bombs and jets to Israel. Within days, Israel blew up the famous onsite World Kitchen Aid workers. There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between these two events. Israel is over the edge, and Biden keeps following.

New York democrats took up the “uncommitted”, trying to get through to Biden about Gaza. Team Biden and his politically correct newscasters have been effective in ignoring and/or trying to kill these efforts. Thanks to Truthout for daring to cover the story.

In the Face of Tyranny, How Will I Vote?

I will vote for Biden, if I vote at all. Biden is a questionable risky option, but Trump is not an option at all. Yes, Biden is the lesser-of-evils, and he should not wear that label proudly. While Biden has perhaps had the strongest hand in bringing America to this troubled spot, he is uniquely positioned to change and aid the recovery. Biden’s change must be visible, substantial and timely to the humanitarian interests of Palestinians in Gaza, irrespective of right-wing interests. Ill-defined someday-maybe considerations born of the election cycle will not suffice. In the absence of a real change of substance on Biden’s part, I will not vote. This makes me still uncommitted, at least not fully committed to Biden.

Mr. Biden, I respectfully ask that you change to be more pure and consistent with the American spirit and principles. Your real and ready path to saving democracy starts in Gaza. Live the change and it will give you a better ethical and moral basis, engendering truth and justice, to turn loose a generation of new leaders.