Divorce Israel. Take Protections Out of the Party Platforms

We need to divorce Israel because of that country’s relentless assault on civilization and humanity, their actions against democracy, and their utter disrespect for America. In this election year, the obvious place for America to take a meaningful stance against Israeli debauchery, is to exclude them from any direct or implied consideration within the party platforms.

You won’t read anything here against good beloved Jewish people. However, the stance is strongly in opposition to the extreme Israeli fascist state. Of course, to cultivate antisemitism, Israel would claim this information antisemitic if they were to read it. Alas, the sad reality is that the Israeli state does not have to worry about such as this; they get their American billions off the top, with no questions and no transparency.

For anyone who observes that America is faltering and needs to pull itself up by the proverbial bootstraps, please see that improvement is impossible with the albatross of Israel around our necks. America’s course correction should start by ceasing its senseless blind devotion to Israel. This policy change needs to be called out immediately within the party platforms. But Biden and his republican counterparts are locked-down sycophants to Israel, to the extent that American people have no say. Through feckless subservience to Israel, America’s bipartisan duopoly demonstrates the grip of minority rule.

Is There a Chance that the USA Will Divorce Israel?

The short answer is no, probably not, but the odds are getting better. America’s establishment politicians are dug in and above listening. Don’t forget that America has already blown past the International Court of Justice and the United Nations to kowtow to Israel’s genocide. So, there go morals and public opinion.

Wars and more wars will force uncontrolled change. Then Israel will have a real reason to worry about its survival as a country. In other words, world conditions might soon be badly enough broken to require fixing. After all, Israel has the high-tech weaponry yet they are having trouble snuffing out two million people in a contained space. So, they might decide to go nuclear. The Mid-East regional conflict might expand to world war, where Iran gets taken down by USA-Israel (or at least they make the long-awaited attempt). Such a progression might bode well for the USA’s efforts to keep its version of imperialism alive, to stay atop of one version of the world order. So, the attraction to war, with all its capitalist trappings, might be the prime barrier to getting the USA-Israeli relationship in check.

Of course, then there is the God factor. The non-loving interpretation of God. The ancient twisted authority to smite people as they see fit, to eradicate or subjugate peoples, as befits and feeds the extreme right-wing agenda. As draws in America’s white nationalist Christians. With this, Israelis and their trailing Americans contend they are righteous, even obligated, to take and kill. The New Testament’s loving covenant defined through Christ is apparently rejected. So, God as they mold and use Him is indistinguishable from their war campaigns. War worship. The Judeo-Christian juggernaut is inextricable, yet predictable. Does that make it Armageddon? In their hearts, it already is.

Israel’s Double-Down on Apartheid Came in 2018 During Trump’s Administration

Since modern-day Israel was created in 1948, the big question has been: Can Israel protect and celebrate Jewish identity, while being a liberal democracy that protects the rights of all minorities, including non-Jews? The final proven answer is no. Israel professed its racist intent and doomed their fate with their “nation-state” law in mid-2018.

There are three major features of Israel’s “nation-state” law, all of which support racism, and not democracy. They are also contrary to any efforts to arrive at a two-state solution.

  1. “The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”
  2. “Hebrew is the language of the state”.
  3. the “state views Jewish settlement as a national value and will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development”.

The law establishes a caste system of Jews versus everyone else, economically penalizes Arabic communities while threatening their heritage, and legitimizes illegal Israeli occupation of seized land. In the world, America is alone with Israel in supporting these measures.

This law came as Trump routinely encouraged Israel and ingratiated himself to them. These days, since the World Central Kitchen fiasco, Trump has vacillated and said Israel should “finish up your war” and “get the job done”.

Obviously, apartheid is not consistent with democracy or civilization. Israel can afford to go rogue against humanity only because the USA is supporting them. Israel is not operating as a viable democracy, and neither is America.

Biden Made the Mess and He Could (Should) Clean It Up.

Joe Biden has always been an Israel minion, and now he has been baited and conceded to right-wing politics. Now, “in for a penny in for a pound”, he is bleeding Democrats. So, maybe this situation will prompt him to finally do the right thing. It has never been so obvious. Most of America’s problems flow from capitalistic imperialism like this Israel state represents. Hopefully, Biden does not look at genocide as his glide path to heaven.

Rather Than Divorce Israel, Biden Lets Them Use Him.

More than any active American politician, President Biden created the Middle East debacle. Recently, he embraced unabated fascism at the behest of Israel. He did this, and created many troubling ongoing side effects, by adopting Israel’s diabolic definition of antisemitism.

The ultra conservative state of Israel, through the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), has for the last several years promoted a definition that purposely confuses any criticism of Israel with antisemitism and antizionism. In 2023, team Biden embraced the definition, ignoring world concerns and delighting fascists. It is no small irony that Israel does this under the guise of the holocaust.

The state of Israel made Biden a champion of the contrived form of antisemitism, and it is now fully politicized and manipulated. Very soon after adoption of Israel’s definition, campus free speech started to be throttled by anteisemitism (CUNY May 2023), and the House introduced legislation to punish any colleges that offend Israel. So, Biden and other American autocrats helped lay the ground work for increased oppression before the October 7th tragedy.

Though disgruntled American students have been using the same tactics employed across U.S. history, Biden now attacks the students with words in the fascist style, calling the peaceful protests “lawless” and threatening that “order must prevail”. Biden also falsely accused student protestors of starting the violence. The students have the moral high ground and they will not cease. So, if Biden stays the fascist course, he must smear students and prep the public for more violence he will instigate. This denial and suppression is aligned with the unfettered manipulation Israel exercises over American colleges.

Divorce Israel for the Blatant Disrespect They Routinely Heap on the USA

Israel shows nothing but contempt for the United States. They have not been a friend, they have not been a partner. The blame for this is squarely on Israel. Israel risks American lives by continuing war(s) that might pull us in or subject us to terrorist attack. Israel has never shown seriousness about a two-state solution and is not now a good faith negotiator during the ceasefire talks. But they’ve had the unwavering support of the US, and in return they’ve shown distain and contempt for our leaders and tax payers.

Nothing Is Going to Impede the Israeli Assault on Gaza, Unless America Can Find Its Backbone. Divorce Israel.

In today’s New York Times, Biden declared that Israel’s Military Operation in Gaza ‘Is Not Genocide’. Just as he declared for the first months that the war was not going on.

There has never been a war in history where 80% of a country has been decimated, 100% of the population displaced, and 50% of the deaths are children. Biden blinked just a bit when the slaughter started in Rafah. Divorce Israel for shooting fish in a barrel.

Israel has sold out their own hostages. So, they have no hesitancy taking down the USA. On a recent MSNBC Morning Joe, journalist Bob Woodward speculated that if the USA were to stop supporting the slaughter, we would somehow be retreating on our world obligations. Respectfully, Mr. Woodward, we have no such obligation. If we continue the bloodshed, we are retreating on democracy. And humanity.

Everyday Americans are food in the food chain where Israel gorges itself. Why is America’s self-defeating subjugation to Israel unquestionable? When Israel says they will “go it alone” on their murderous rampage, why is it a threat or a worry to the USA? Let them go it alone; let them jump into the lake of fire they create.