Picture of Biden with title saying he needs to stop the Israel lobby.

The Israel Lobby Is Now Pushing Democrats to the Tipping-Point

The Israel lobby is forcing the Democrats into a decision. Here is the deal: either be fully bought out and totally involved in fixing Israel’s growing problems, or everything goes to the Republicans. The Israel lobby has long owned the Republican party. Increasingly now, through tools like AIPAC, the Israel lobby is pulling in Democrats to further Israel’s fervent cause: colonialism enabled by genocide.

Israel still has its way with the USA. But, as Israel’s problems and behavior grows more extreme, the story is getting more expensive and difficult to hold together. Plus, if Israel succeeds in fully buying out the Democrats, it doesn’t bode well for America’s democracy, our world standing, and world stability. Herein lies Biden’s big decision.

My research includes these recent half-hour interviews of Professor John Mearsheimer, and Walter Hixson. These men are critics of the Israel lobby and have written significant books on the topic. While there is general consistency in their points of view, they provide distinct meaningful perspective. Both say the Israel problems and nationalistic efforts, that are now coming to a disastrous head in Gaza, have been going on for a long time.

The Israel lobby has emerged as a primary contributor to America’s relentless decline. This article indicates why this is the case, and why democrats now have a tough decision to make. Indecision or one more round of lesser-of-evils likely takes Democrats and America itself to the deep dark, where democracy can die.

What has the Israel lobby given the USA and the world?

Most recently, Israel has given the world a hot burning fire of fascism. Given that America’s elected officials so blindly feed and tend the fire, it deserves a closer look. Per Mr. Hixson:

  • the Israel lobby is the most powerful and most pernicious lobby representing the interests of a foreign nation in all of American history;
  • the Israel lobby intrudes more directly into American domestic politics than any other nation in the world;
  • Through these intrusions, the Israel lobby has secured massive American funding for Israel;
  • America funds Israel as an apartheid settler colonial state, a regional aggressor, and a major violator of human rights and norms;
  • the Israel lobby destabilizes the region, and is primarily responsible for the inability to achieve Middle East peace;
  • Israel has long propelled, along with the USA and its sensitivity to oil-rich nations, a disastrous American Middle East policy, replete with political instability and forever wars.

Mr. Hixson goes in depth to substantiate Israel’s behavior as a modernized apartheid colony state. He said Israel’s relatively late timing to undertake their aggressive colonialism in Palestine makes them a reactionary and congenitally aggresive colonial state.

The Israel lobby has more sway in the USA than the electorate. Why?

Zionism and antisemitism have been variously defined and used over time as important elements of the Israel lobby arsenal. Christian Zionism was key to the proliferation of American evangelism, as now enables Christian nationalism. Amazingly, Israeli atrocities like colonialism and genocide cannot be seen or admitted by American politicians for reasons of morality. They say they are morally obligated to support Israel, no matter what; and if you don’t agree you are antisemitic. An annual report from the Southern Poverty Law Center describes a burgeoning new form of Christian supremacy sweeping the country. Religious ideology of this form is real and important, but still secondary to money.

Congress responds to the Israeli lobby first and foremost for personal monetary gain. That is, money that helps them live the lifestyle and win elections. The political parties are tripping over each other to do and give the most for Israel. Obviously, the Israeli lobby buy-out strategy is working greatly for their country. For example, no other country besides Israel gets a plank in the party platforms. Americans voice their disgust, to no avail.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a cornerstone of the Israeli lobby.

The Israel lobby is a multifaceted grouping of ideas, individuals, and organizations united by the commitment to dispense pro-Israel propaganda, and to simultaneously discredit critical analysis of the Zionist state.

Not only is AIPAC the most powerful foreign lobby in Washington, it is one of the most powerful lobbies, period. AIPAC and its branches are aggressively buying the commitment of Congress. It is surpassing the power and extremism of the NRA.

Continuously, the USA donates billions to Israel with little accountability. There is no clear above-board return for this money. Simultaneously, it is taboo to question them. The money Israel hands out to individual Congressional representatives to get their allegiance is little in relation to the American tax payer money that goes back to Israel. Biden justifies it by observing that Israel uses that money to buy American-produced war supplies.

Israel’s problems are changing and growing; so their desperation grows.

graphic showing interview exchange about Congress subserviance to Israel

The state of Israel has always had a dependence on its dispora. But increasingly, Jewish residents of countries outside of Israel don’t necessarily side with Israel. So, the Israeli lobby is doubling down every way it can.

Today, the NYT detailed how Israel is using fake social media accounts, magnifying the effort to get U.S. lawmakers to fund Israel’s military, according to officials and documents about the effort.

The Israeli lobby focuses on representatives who are Black and Democrats, such as Representative Hakeem Jeffries, the House minority leader from New York. Jefferies receives AIPAC money.

Members of the Israel lobby were part of Trump’s recent blatant solicitation of money, according to Professor Mearsheimer.

Trump reportedly told the donors that he would arrest and deport the campus protestors, that he would go farther on behalf of Israel than anybody ever has. Trump might be the only entity more desperate than the Israeli lobby.

Israel executes a relentless assault on free speech and targets America’s colleges.

graphic showing interviw dialogye on campus chaos caused by Israel

Counter Punch just reported on how critics of campus protests are weaponizing antisemitism to undermine student resistance. Israel has been intruding on American campuses for longer than most people realize.

Tik Toc reached extreme numbers of youths with vivid clarity on what Israel was doing in Gaza. Though Tic Tok had been the source of years of speculation, it was very quickly taken down with bipartisan support after October 7th.

Biden needs to admit that saving democracy means stopping the Israel lobby.

The Israel lobby is at or near the top of the list of America’s problems. The lobby fuels bipartisan dysfunction, minority rule, and the slide into authoritarianism. Let us hope that President Biden will speak truth in a full-throated voice against the lobby rather than another weak election year promise. Mr. Biden needs to step up against Israel’s disrespect and be the President of the United States. Make a real day for American democracy, Mr. Biden. Take a real action to curb the Israeli lobby.