Powerful Diversity, represented by Merchan and Cohen as drawn in the courtroom.

Beautiful Powerful Diversity: Contrast of Indispensables Merchan and Cohen

With all the kudos and thanks that are pouring out from countless hearts and minds, there is unique specialness attributable to Judge Merchan and Mike Cohen. They are a manifestation of the powerful diversity embodied in the American people.

Yes, the jury has spoken, delivering the all-important evidence-based justice. Quite simply though, they wouldn’t have had the chance without Merchan and Cohen. The truthfulness of Merchan and Cohen was vital in enabling the full truth to come out. There were no diversions like political party positioning on their parts. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, and no AI. This was great medicine for a struggling America.

For starkly different reasons, these men were unique and indispensable.

No other pair of people, playing these important roles, could have similarly brought this case to justice.

Michael Cohen is a thug-type who got caught and started cooperating with authorities. No other person was so intimately involved and able to return to the truth, communicate it, and adhere to it; not in this case. There was no one else to corroborate the crime, which was not an easy feat. So, he is a smart thug-type. There is something to be said for a criminal who sides with the authorities in such a challenging high-profile case, whether or not his motives are altruistic. Hopefully, he can continue to track straight as the stress and offers keep coming; only time will tell.

Judge Juan Merchan is a seasoned legal-justice professional. This is a man I would love to talk to. Based on his astounding performance, that being subtle persistent authority tempered by reasonable personal engagement in the face of abnormal conditions, he is nearly a saint. It is respectfully doubtful that any other available judge assigned to the district could have delivered justice like he did. Not to mention the tolerance he displayed and the insults he suffered in keeping justice front and center, on track. He would be a significant upgrade to some of those sitting on the Supreme Court.

Yes, they represent powerful diversity that carried the day; one to be watched and hoped for; and one to be admired and elevated.

Diversity, especially powerful diversity, is a characteristic of true democracy.

Today, a great sigh of relief was expelled by diverse throngs of American people. All kinds of people were made happy today. I think there was more pep in the steps of people walking by. Diversity is a good and special attribute of the human life experience, a positive influence on human effort. So, the new America will feature powerful diversity.

Diversity shows to improve business and team performance. Science says it makes us smarter. Plus, the citizen-voter concept makes it tightly aligned with, and important to, the essense of democracy. We need more examples of powerful diversity. But diversity is not consistently or sufficiently promoted and respected in society. In fact, because they feel threatened, right wing efforts promote suppression of diversity and rail against it.

Thanks and fare thee well going forward, Misters Merchan and Cohen.

The magnitude of today’s system accomplishment, this justice you helped deliver, is but an important step. So please, continue to do the challenging ‘right thing’ going forward. You have written your names into the true good history of America. Thank you.