The Establishment’s Comfortable Love Affair with Tyranny

American Duopoly Love of Tyranny

Of course, there are good politicians, but they are a small weak minority of the controlling political whole. That old political adage is coming up short: “Democrats fall in loveRepublicans fall in line“. The stakes are too high and the threats are more dire. Today’s American tit-for-tat over riches and power is failing at home and abroad. Bipartisanship is threatening mankind in the streets and around the world.

Inexplicable Yet Predictable

The duopoly’s current work: undermine and/or control any attempt at an independent candidacy.

We are witnessing inexplicable political behavior actively tear down the tenants of democracy. There is no more question of whether we are in a constitutional crisis. But still there is no urgency or course correction. We are in free fall and it’s only a question of what form the change is going to take. Simultaneously, we are suffering a scarcity of actual government. For example, rule of law. Even the Supreme Court is free to lie, cheat, and steal.

In the absence of transparency, Democrats are most diabolical within the prevailing political duopoly. Though the Republicans infamously deal death in the streets, Democrats are not stopping it. Democrats are perceived as the warmongers of the world. In the absence of a public plan, you can conclude this: they are opportunists simply waiting for full collapse. Keeping Trump free helps usher them in as the lesser-of-evils. America’s liberal democracy is most apt to get fully stripped apart on their watch.

Making Politicians Uncomfortable Is the Same as Saving Democracy

Of course, establishment politicos control the guns and money, and they have shown little positive tendency to respond to the people or protect them. Certainly, they won’t fight for the masses. Agree to this line of thought and Biden says you are a malcontent while DeSantis says you are a criminal. Either way, you are a left-wing extremist to be eliminated. One shoots you in the face and the other shoots you in the back. So, does this leave room for a viable “left” faction in today’s America? Or, has it gone ghost like the middle class?

Under tyranny, we are seeing America's slipperiest slope to be gangster capitalism, protected and fueled by the political duopoly.

Predatory capitalism, protected and fueled by the political duopoly, is America’s slipperiest slope. Neither party can or will break their consuming hunger for power and money. America has gone down in the world because of its insatiable aggressive appetite, and it’s as if Americans don’t know or care. At this point, American Democracy is no more or better than that being formulated by China and Russia under BRICS.
More to come; to wit, recommended priorities to protect the people and save democracy.