Lansing Michigan, April 15, 2020

Hate and Fear Still Thrive in the Michigan Petri Dish

In the streets of Lansing Michigan, Trump’s “real Americans” were out in force  on Wednesday, April 15th.  At the Michigan State Capitol, these “real Americans” took a stand to show they are above the law (like Trump), and showed their intent to re-assert total control in Michigan.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s intent with the stay-home stay-safe order was to prevent a resurgence of COVID19, as she said on MSNBC last night. In contrast, the political rally was to make the point that no one can take away their right to assemble and bear arms, especially a democrat; and that there is no reason not to get back to business-as-usual.

Some Michigan Sheriffs have organized in opposition to the order, saying they won’t enforce it. On the heels of the rally, the Michigan GOP sought to formalize the extremist sentiment, by submitting a bill to strip Whitmer of her power. It’s analogous to Trump saying he is going to suspend Congress if they don’t go along.

Lansing Michigan bill to strip the Governor of poewr.
Credit Detroit Free Press via MSNBC

When shame and deprivation are carried out between people, it’s painful and detracts from quality of life; when it’s incorporated into an ideology, it’s unthinkable.

There’s a symbiotic relationship between the Michigan GOP and Trumpism.  They play and learn together. Michigan is prominent in those qualities for which the GOP has become know, such as voter suppression. Michigan sometimes seems like Trumpism’s petri dish. And most Michigan Republicans have nothing to offer beyond whatever Team Trump says.

Oakland County Commission candidate Kim Gibbs was in the crowd; she said “The scare on coronavirus is over”. Today the Oakland County rate was 30% positive on the limited ongoing testing.

The Democrats have made a recent splash, but it remains to be seen if they really have the will and resolve to rescue the birthplace of the middle class. Governor Whitmer is talented and has her hands full.

Michigan returned to a Democratic governor in 2018. This came  after a considerable Republican stretch, during which Michigan government dropped to last in the country on integrity, so says the Center for Public Integrity.

quote from Dana Nessel in Lansing Michigan, on black deaths

“Republican Party party” in the streets of Lansing Michigan.

People are anxious that this extremism not be white-washed.  It also needs to be clearly seen for what it is. I talked over the phone with a Trump-leaning person who said, “it’s obvious what the rally means; just keep the fucking niggers [sic] in Detroit and everything will be fine”.  I appreciated the candor but we were done talking, at least for the moment.

If I didn’t have special caring for this person, we could not have talked so candidly. We are making progress. I heard the jibes about fake news and the easy cure of hydroxychloroquine. He said Trump and his kids have stock in the company (I don’t know). We laughed about the expectation for people to take their Trump-signed checks and go buy his snake oil. Difference is, he thought that’s fine. Neither of us have a check anyway.

Lansing Michigan gets attention because of its importance to the 2020 election.

Between 9PM and 11PM on Aril 16th, Michigan got a lot of coverage on MSNBC. For example, Representative Dan Kildee of Flint spoke on the tragedy of having a crisis laid on top of a (water) crisis, which is what the people Flint are suffering.

Lansing Michigan protesting stay-at-home order

Where will you be and what will you do when the Detroit streets erupt? Will Detroit stand like Portland?