The USA Will Do Profoundly Better – Here’s How

Picture of people helping people to do profoundly better.

To do profoundly better – abroad and at home – the USA will draw upon the good nature and resilience of the people to define a new America. People are rising to the occasion, demanding government responsibility, in the face of rampant political immorality and aggression.

Return to Core American Values

American values set the tone and direction, starting in the neighborhoods and counties, across America, and over the world. But on all fronts the country has been diverted and lost its way. This regression shows up in the prevailing culture, in the overabundance of politicking and undermining of good government. The USA will return to at least a semblance of it’s stature by honoring the democracy upon which it was founded and through which it flourished. Certainly democracy can be improved, and it will not fall to autocracy. If only we want it, can be open minded, and try.

Since the end of WWII, the USA has been manipulating the left-right options. Inexorably, over the decades since the last world-defining war, the prevailing decisions of America’s government have moved the country to the “right”. Establishment politics are driving us to an autocratic state. Bipartisanship has led the country, increasingly away from the tenants of democracy, into autocracy – or call it fascism.

More Humanitarian and Less Predatory

In the following graph, socialism is humanitarian and capitalism is predatory. Maybe it is not necessary to quibble over labels, given all the emotion and perceived interests they imply. But this is the battle line; it is the quintessential factor effecting the ability to “do the right thing”. Even if it finally gets to the streets, America will be demanding an economic engine that serves broad humanity, not the elite capitalist gangsters. Every issue or problem created and being faced is a function of this decision.

This graph shows how the USA can do profoundly better if it builds a bridge to the future.

This graphic shows where patriotic efforts will take the USA, assuming we the people want to remain a democracy. It implies a break from moral turpitude and greed, toward love and humanity. As always, elitists, establishment politicians, and the wannabe’s will laugh and fight ferociously. But the laugh is getting a bit terse. The times are different and there is a wide deep awakening taking place.

Independent voters and candidates will have outsized importance in the coming presidential campaign

Old conclusions, such as independents cannot win and contentions that independents just represent a vote for the opposition, mean less than usual in the current state of electoral affairs. Independents represent the battleline where America breaks from the self-defeating and increasingly insane politics.

America knows Trump and Biden are not best or even decent for the people and the country. As the de facto presidential candidates, these men will not even debate. America should not stand for them and must fight for better. So, to do profoundly better, there must be better voting options. The controlling corporate-political duopoly must fall.

To do Better, consider Refreshing Truth-telling Candidates
To Do Profoundly Better…

Be open to (and expect) better leadership. Join the growing throng that sees bipartisan extremism for what it is. Step up against predatory capitalism, not accepting war as the means and the end. Beware the neocons and neoliberal gangsters along the way.