Know Your Christian Nationalism Options

3 white Christian nationalism options: Trump, DeSantis, and Pence

Christian nationalism is thriving. It merges Christian and American identities, distorting both the Christian faith and America’s constitutional democracy.

This diabolical tendency has always been here, but under 50-50 bipartisan control, it takes on outsized importance because it can tip the balance of power. It has become a sharp and ready tool of hate, most readily available to white people. Predatory people use it to play on the peoples’ natural will to live a Godly life.

Per the Constitution, political leaders should not promote such nationalism. When they see it, they should be as wary as they would be in carrying around the nuclear code. It is helping kill Americans on a regular basis, and many politicians cannot wait to turn up the dial.

I got a glimpse of such nationalism firsthand here in metropolitan Detroit, in Oakland County, at my young hair cutter’s salon. She casually educated me and invited me in. It was enough to make it real, but I could not respond and she no longer cuts my hair.

Notice: this is not an endorsement of the Democratic party. Indeed, America might be on the fastest available track to failure given the ministrations of the Democrats under the bipartisan duopoly. The Dems just happen to play their Christian card less flagrantly. The Republicans are more straightforward, openly flaunting and weaponizing Christianity; they count on it bigly.

Christian nationalism, with its hooks into racism, is exactly what a lot of people want. It is the available (final?) step in growing rightwing oppression. A win for Christian nationalism seals the merger of church and state, where a certain form of Christianity will determine American identity and law.

A Hair Chair Revelation

Over a series of haircuts, my hair cutter made these points. Her parents are business-owners so of course her family is Republican. The Holy Spirit is every bit as powerful and comes on just as fast as good pot and immediately available (à la, Pentecostal), so just come try it. When a nipple popped out of her smock, she laughed about being on the sin-repent-repeat cycle. During the 2020 presidential election season, she said if Trump lost it would trigger the rapture, so she rushed to be married, in order not to be living in sin for the big event. She gave the best haircuts.

Certainly, we all have our issues and decisions to work through, as did this hair stylist. Young people can be made feel “hot-wired” to God (I’m a little jelly). Any such beliefs, approaches, and experiences of faith are within the protected bounds of American freedom. Praise be to God.

God enriches the lives of people and puts them in touch with spirituality. This can be great for souls, including those who reaching out in today’s chaotic times of need. But who is actively placing themselves between young people and God? Predatory politicians are deconstructing Christianity; they marry church and state for personal power and profit.

Lucky are people who sense or seek a fuller life, who get filled up with positive spirit. But they should not be preyed upon. Politicians (like Trump, Pence, and DeSantis) rise in twisted holiness to target evangelicals; they are bound for that hell they have heard about.

Try to Love This Unholy Trio

If Republicans win the presidency, propelled by “spiritual warfare” as they call it on their “ReAwaken America” tour, they will have implemented Christian nationalism. They are far down a dark path of holy manipulation. Men of this cloth knowingly insert themselves between God and man. They are openly fighting for wretched goals; their immorality and antisocial ethics laid bare for all to see.

Still, in a loving Christian sense, help these wayward men. Thoughts and prayers go out for them to see the truth and save themselves; they certainly cannot win personally, hopefully not politically. Pray for them and their minions, who are altogether still a minority.

Ball cap inscribed with "hate is a self portrait", a message against Christian Nationalism.

While the 2024 GOP presidential candidate might not be one of these three particular charlatans, the God-play is a prime ploy to gain power. They have no humanity-based ideas or democracy-based inclinations. So, it’s more than just a supplement for some agenda; it is a main feature. Sad irony: these Republican hucksters are more transparent than the Democrats.

Trump has built up a lot of “messiah” momentum. If you want to think him the holy one, he won’t dissuade you. One of Trump’s primary guards, Michael Flynn, has said “we have to have one religion”.

DeSantis is a quick study and has learned some scripture passages that he awkwardly inserts into his talks. Pence is the more studied and historically Christian of the three, which leaves him reticent and in turmoil; he knows better.

People are concerned that the January 6th committee didn’t more explicitly call out the Christian nationalism aspect of the assault on the Capitol. In context of such attacks, Hitler-type Nick Fuentes and similar others have openly brought Christian nationalism into their hate messages.

Citizens (including Christians) Are Organizing and Resisting

Christian nationalism has built up wicked momentum. And “judge not,” is a fundamental Christian teaching. Still, there is growing resistance against this political bastardization of the Christian faith. Particularly, see this statement by the Christians Against Christian Nationalism.

The Republicans have made clear the work they are trying to complete – heaven forbid. Would that there was political entity truly willing to fight for the welfare of America and Americans; that is not the Democratic party either. Call these times a fork in the road.