When Courts Give Way to Oppression: Behold Justice Roberts

Justice Roberts depicted as distress in America

If fascism gets to rewrite American history, Justice Roberts will be hailed as a hero. Mainstream media, as well as the political duopoly and the court itself, is already busy white-washing.

The Standard Throw-the-Dog-A-Bone List

The American people are the dogs getting fed stuff like the following. Individually or summarily, these are too little too late.

  • The lower caste can always keep on begging. (Though this is the court’s standing recommendation, it has no chance in the face of the government’s humanitarian indifference and prevailing social stratification).
  • Corporations will magically find a way to make it all better. (This takes trickle-down to a diabolic extreme; any positive “corporate citizenship” got choked out in the 1980s).
  • Legislation is the only way to address civil rights oppression. (American democracy has decayed to the point that there is no separation of powers. The political parties smoothly function as a duopoly (filibuster etcetera). There is currently no viable way to vote for meaningful change).
  • The court will see they have overstepped and start to moderate. (They have publicly reinforced that they answer to no one and know no bounds. They are the proud consummation of an eighty-year mission. They are slow by design and this would be too little too late).
  • Americans must start over on the issues of personal importance. (The fabric of democracy has already been rent. This divide-and-conquer suggestion always thwarts the basic will of the people. Americans will not be content to simply play whack-a-mole).

You can count on two things every day. One, more revelations of graft and dubious intent on the part of federal justices. And two, more rulings supporting a fascist political agenda. Today’s federal court ruling prohibits government officials from asking questions of social media companies as regards “misinformation” (lies). The people celebrating today’s decision are the same ones who are banning books.

Justice Roberts Is Pushing People Into the Streets

We (including Justice Roberts) are all smart people, understanding decisions and resulting implications. The French and others are already taking it to the streets. Soon, Americans will realize we too have no choice. So, maybe Team Roberts is doing a favor, or just accelerating the inevitable.

The Roberts court displays overt aggression and audacity. Sure, there is abundance of legal flimflam. Thankfully, they are tracking the anti-people actions of the justices. But, it is really just this: Roberts and his court are demonstrating the deep cultural habit of the powerful doing the obvious bad, then simply declaring a win and moving on. This is the right-wing burn-it-down strategy in action – some justices are simply not bothering to play the democracy charade anymore.

Thomas and Biden Smug with Justice Roberts

Here is some of the supporting cast and this is the kicker: The worst thing Americans can do is to fall again for Joe Biden as the lesser of evils. He has no intent, will, or capability to fix anything. Birds of a feather.

America is way past casual graft and disregard for the welfare of others. And the Supreme Court is the prime actor, speaking for itself. The court is monetized and weaponized. We the people are not unlike the refugees who are losing their right to asylum; we need protection right here for ourselves. “Please massa Roberts; don’t hurt us no mo.”

When the Courts Turn to Sinister Oppression

Here’s another prevailing American cultural behavior: building yourself up at the expense of others. Imperialist America has done this around the world. So, other countries are openly banding against us. It seems the ruling elites should have something more to do than turn their greed and opportunism inward on the homeland; this destruction could not be inflicted without the cooperation of the Roberts court.

Politics have run amuck, at the expense of actual government. Our leaders are failing; our democracy has not. To survive as a democracy, America’s only option is to get the knee of capitalism off the neck of country, which can only be done by breaking free of establishment bipartisanship.