Beyond the Ford Transit Order Chaos – Reset for Happy #Vanlife

there's only one way out of the Ford Transit order chaos - abandon ship!

Mr. Ford, you know the ongoing transit order chaos is making the little-guy enthusiasts think twice about going down the #VanLife trail with you. I really wanted the Transit I ordered last year, but this week, I let it go. I feel relief to be moving on.

So, now we’ll be able to really get going, sharing the good, bad and ugly – nuance and details for nomad wannabes. Paula and I are adventurous, and somewhere short of elderly. As those hillbilly friends might say, we needed to “get going on this while the going is good.” We think we made a good deal elsewhere and things are now moving fast. The van brand does not dictate van life. Here’s the new direction we took; be sure to signup if you want more on this adventure.

It’s not the that the Ford Transit isn’t a fine hunk of metallic allure. It is. It’s that there is no straight story about if or when or under what conditions a little guy like me might get one.

Of course, Amazon and the US Mail evidently get straight answers – and seemingly the vans. And there is all the rigmarole about supply chain and chips and the like.

We can all see the world problems, but here is what took us out of the “Wait and Wonder” Game
  • When we asked for an estimate of if/when the order was coming or going to be honored at all, we were coached by the Ford dealer to take questions/issues to Ford corporate. Then corporate says take it to the dealer.
  • No one can say. Not even what is causing the holdup or how the order might be adjusted to more certainly get the van, and whether that would help the timing.
  • Our order of a 2022 might be another of the orders pushed out to be 2023s, with no clarity on what it will do to positioning in line or whether we will incur cost increases. Meanwhile, other little guys with 2021 orders are still waiting.

Our eight-month-old order hadn’t been started at the factory as of last week. There’s always been opinion and questions about how best to configure the Transits – endless options and confusion and ideas. So, it’s not strictly the non-delivery. At the same time there are desirable features only available on the Transit. It wasn’t an easy decision to let it go. But now we have some responsiveness and surety.

Anyone who wants to see the persistent transit order chaos could take a look at the Ford Transit enthusiasts’ site; here is the ordering section of their blog. It seems like people are making careers out of trying to decipher the story and keep it straight. These are great well-meaning people, and they do know at least as much about Transits as the Ford people themselves.

Here is a link that shows how excited and trusting I was to make an earnest effort to go Ford. Transits are awesome. And I qualified for a little discount. But, it turned out to be too good to be true.