Great Time for Our VanLife Start Up

first night of vanlife crank up

Our VanLife started up for real on the first hot summer day of 2022. This after doing the final walkthrough at an RV center over near Lake Michigan. My partner Paula followed closely by car, through the congestion and construction, across the state to our home in metro Detroit. It was the first real drive. Let the VanLife adventures begin!

For most of the last year, we waited on a Ford Transit van order to be filled. It would have arrived as an empty box, and I was prepared to convert it into a van. It was exciting to anticipate, and then it wasn’t. Valuable time was slipping; it was more than any waiting for chips. Plus, as you might appreciate, the girl is suddenly very ready to go. So, we looked at options. And we quickly went from build to buy.

As RVs go, a class B camper van is not huge. It’s just the right size for two people, and we happen to be not-too-tall.

Of course, driving it takes some getting used to and one must always be careful. It’s nimble enough to get in and out of most places, and can be street parked in the more generous spots.

What a relief and privilege to buy one. Consider this: since this know-it-all (or at least a whole lot) was confident and ready to build a van, buying one and driving away has to be a snap. Think again. Faster and easier, yes. But every purchased camper van is unique and surprisingly complex.

Seeking a Great Time for All

Anytime is a good time to start enjoying more of life. Because of our station in life, it’s a great time to start our VanLife. We are deeply appreciative. And there is bittersweet awareness that the door is closed for too many people, and there is ongoing assault against freedom and nature. So, VanLife helps keep us balanced.

We chronicle our adventures and maintain practical need-to-know insights for Class B VanLife. Check it out!