Nameless No More – 123123 Coalition Against Genocide

UPDATE: The committed realistic group that started on 123123 now has a name, Coalition Against Genocide. It’s fitting that this group has coalesced and grows as the Gaza slaughter continues, and Biden has gone far enough to call it World War III any time he chooses.

Coalition Against Genocide is led by René Lichtman, whose experience and views are well captured here. The group has commitment to education and awareness building.

A previously nameless group of thinking caring people got together on 123123. The meeting got abruptly truncated by zoom, so there was no chance to say thanks for enhancing New Years Eve. Doubtless, there were other such meetings around the world; people persisting and plotting for a safer world, to make a timely meaningful difference. A vision might be to connect all such groups and arm them with novel approaches, especially targeting the interests and enlistment of youth.

The nameless group displayed openness, depth of knowledge, and experience. Representatives from Germany and Israel called in. The group earnestly considered what to do about grave threats to social justice. They agreed that any committed action or project must start by addressing Palestine atrocities. Though somber, the sharing showed courage and afforded optimism.

123123 Attendees (redacted)

Nameless Group Discussion

  • The general intent and objective were suggested to be the distribution and creation of relevant content.
  • Lessons from an existing national distribution channel were mentioned as well as progressive ways to distribute information. As well, there is interest and need for alternative mediums.
  • The intent and objective went on to focus on youth. Youth need help to connect the dots. There must be clarity and vision for youth, delivered so as to be accepted and consumable.  
  • There is local need for a hub specifically in support of Detroit and community. Detroit presents unique opportunity.
  • The current times are acknowledged as unprecedented, dangerous, and critical. The world is not going to return to be the same. Viability of normal life is at risk. The Patriot Act and other forms of repression are intense and active.
  • This moment presents the need for a revolutionary culture. The opportunity is ripe for mobilization. The need for education was a recurring thread.
  • A few opportunities/viewpoints were mentioned, such as capitalism at the core of the rot. However, it was reinforced that project efforts would have to stay initially focused on the Palestine-Israel war.
  • There is support for a website and/or newsletter, recognizing that these are not novel and that there are many in place. These can work/help in some regards but more ideas/options are needed.

Concluding 123123 Thought

We need to define and execute a do-able communication strategy that is able to win youth over and inspire them. At once, it needs to raise awareness and grow a thirst for knowledge, to instill more hope and get timely results.