Love for American Democracy: Is There A There There?

Depicted: The people see and will remove barriers to American Democracy

Yes – absolutely – there is a there there. You can experience it in the rolling country side and in the churning cities. In the natural unscripted settings. American democracy is there and screaming to be set free. Democracy has not failed, not even close.

The embers of the American spirit are alive, and the people are starting to understand the fight they will have to carry. When it starts to blaze, the people will be restored to power. So, stand and give as you can.

On democracy, there is a there there if people are ready to stand and fight for basic human rights.

After the fight, America will again light up the world. America will come to shine as a modern functional democracy. It will be powered by and for the people, essentially as described in the Constitution. “New and improved” means no to the immorality and greed that has its knee on the neck of America today.

America’s dire oppressive state has been brought to you and maintained in large part by the filibuster, the hallmark of bipartisanship. So, consider a party that truly serves the people.

The rise of Trump is a repudiation of 30 years of bipartisan treason and failure.

—  Roger Stone

There’s Movement in the Wind

Of course, we the people will work through this. Life force says we must. There is finally no choice but to fight and change. A movement will be defined, an initiative and/or a party will emerge; and it will capture the available, truth-based, life-giving energy.

Ground-zero for any bona fide movement is with the working people. This is the source of trustworthy action that will come to bear as systems and institutions crumble, even if it is the aftermath of some looming war. Labor history says solidarity in action again wins the class struggle. Of course, denial and further suppression is always the looming option. Don’t expect frivolities like TicTok to make it go away.

Well then, let’s tap into that powerful spirit that assumes peace and fellowship. Hopefully, it comes before any mass blood-letting. Even if there is a transient show of violence in relation to the Trump, that would be less than the possible (the dreaded) main event. Trump is but a token. The prevailing government establishment is increasingly heartless and feckless and lost to the war economy. Too many politicians are showing no intent to govern or protect the people; this is worse than failure – it is predatory. Do we have a new breed of uber criminals in our midst?

Apologies to the few, the hard-working younger politicians who have not been wickedly taken down. You too should prepare to join the coming fight.

Two Sample Barriers to a Modern Functional American Democracy

Here are a couple of big rocks in the road, representative of many items that a progressive movement must address, head on. They will not be resolved day one, but success begins with the end in mind. So, let these samples begin to suggest what modern functional democracy will look like.

These are only two, but they are big and in collusion, facilitated by the two-party political cabal. In fact, courts are paving the way for even more new unbounded corporate rights. Still, just as the system uses divide and conquer to splinter the people, these barriers are probably best addressed independently.

  • Counter-Majoritarian Practices (Supreme Court Absence of Accountability)
    The Supreme Court has a long history of dancing around and with the Constitution to thwart the will of the people, collectively called the counter-majoritarian difficulty. So, as unelected lifetime appointees with big staffs, libraries are full of associated flim-flam. With no guard rails and new levels of moral turpitude in obvious view, accountability must be established.
  • Corporate Anthropomorphism (Capitalism’s Absence of Responsibility)
    Since the ancient and psychological tendency to ascribe human features to business is bound to continue, corporate capitalism must be brought under control. There can be a return to proper meaningful corporate citizenship, which likely starts with banking regulation and proper fair taxation.

Remove such primary barriers and the movement succeeds (modern functional democracy is achieved). Both these samples have implications for needed transparency. Only the people in solidarity have a chance of bringing these under control. Think fair wages and work stoppages.

A next installment considering the new American democracy likely introduces the idea of critical success factors.