God’s Love Will Fix the Man-Made Jesus Crisis

showing a lonely church and asking "where are the Christians?" as part of the man-made Jesus crisis.

Let’s agree it is not Jesus’s crisis; it is a man-made Jesus crisis. Christians have a vested interest and responsibility in ongoing world change, and it is not going well. Republican forces are flagrant and obvious about their new apostolic reformation agenda. It delivers a cavalier and detrimental effect on Christianity and democracy.

Now, through the lens of the Gaza slaughter, the Democrat contribution to the downfall of Christianity and democracy is coming into the spotlight. It might even be more damning. Gaza is probably the world’s biggest fascist fire. Even the Nazis started out trying to hide their genocide. But not so with the American-driven war on Palestinians, under the banner of Judeo-Christianity. Biden, following Christian Zionism, has again ignored the International Court of Justice that America itself established.

The Detroit Connection on Gaza

Metro-Detroit, with its large population of Middle-Easterners, provides a unique and important window into the Gaza catastrophe. Indeed, a couple of weeks ago, Biden did show passing interest when he sent representatives to Dearborn, but it looks like it was just a political diversion. Biden looks undeterred by a local movement vowing to vote uncommitted in the Michigan primary.

Through local stop-the-genocide action, it became clear that Christian participation is not much in evidence. So, to get insight, I am reaching out to interview and discuss with other Christians, this set of topics-questions. I know the Christian way and realize that church officiants and Christians will likely not be so abrupt with their questioning or condemnation. But it is important to know where most Christians stand, not just those of a white nationalist bent. With respect and love, I am reaching out to a diversity of area Christians to learn and understand, to explore the ongoing Jesus crisis.

Indeed, with local Gaza war resistors, most all being Jews and Palestinians, you hear such as this. “Our money, our trillion dollar defense budget, makes us collaborators in genocide. If the government is not representing the people, then we must break the silence …” They want to show and educate their neighbors. More is planned, all in peace. And they know they cannot keep speaking to the same audience (can’t keep preaching to the choir). They say to remember urgency and to reach out further because, “while we speak, they die (meaning family and friends)”. Among themselves the Jews say: “You are not paranoid, the Jewish lobby is indeed watching all of us. We are banished under the new “Jewish McCarthyism”.

Jesus Christ or Jesus crisis; the choice is yours

Certainly, Christians are not totally idle or defenseless, as this Newsweek article shows. It describes how the group Faithful America today rebuked House Speaker Mike Johnson for allowing a “hate preacher” to serve as Guest House Chaplin. This is goodness from an interesting organization.

Today’s MSNBC headline states “Christian Nationals to Advance Agenda through Trump Administration”. How true this, and how far anybody gets, is anybody’s guess. According to former Christian nationalist Brad Onishi who recently spoke on NPR, Christian nationalists see them selves as vital actors in the final battle. In their view, democracy is but a little roadkill.

A Jesus Crisis at the Hands of Christian Zionism

The Republican white Christian manipulations are quite dark. But Democrats are outdoing them through their steadfast subscription to the Christian Zionist movement. Christion Zionism has been around since ancient times, and Israel has said that in these troubled times, it is their only true ally. It romanticizes what goes on between America and Israel to control the Middle East as the new generation of cowboys.

A 2004 American Diplomacy article describes it thus: “The most compelling points of Christian Zionism are that Israel is of prime importance, that the Jews will eventually convert to Christianity, and that the future of the world permits no middle positions allowing compromise.” This suggests why Biden is daft and blind in love with Israel. Christian Zionism ramped up sharply under Regan when it became embedded in televangelism.

Thoughts and prayers are welcome and good. But, are we watching a new level of weaponized Christianity? What can be done to keep love-based Christianity as the anchor of our culture? Citizens must stay the course to make politicians accountable to democracy. If we are a church state, it does not bode well.