The Gaza Slaughter According to a Holocaust Survivor

Gaza Slaughter according to a Holocaust Survivor

The Gaza slaughter has spiraled out of control. Meanwhile, the war machine is not slowing down. Back in October, I reached out to Detroit Jewish activist Rene Lichtman, to get his take.

Rene is sometimes perceived to be ‘too direct’. Rene is a child holocaust survivor, but probably more importantly, he holds an informed and outspoken opinion on Jewish and world affairs. He has recently been in France, preserving details of the WWII Nazi occupation.

Given the Gaza flare-up of Oct 7th, I had a first conversation on the topic with Rene on Oct 18th. I didn’t initially publish this article, in part because it was so shocking. But now, so much of what he said is ringing true. Additionally, since then, Rene has been called out by local Jewish authority in what he considers an act of Jewish McCarthyism. Hence, he is no longer a featured speaker at the Zekelman Holocaust Center.

Interview on the Gaza Slaughter

Following is content from that interview. A secondary article is anticipated. Herein, my commentary and questions are in black, and Rene’s words are red.

Finkelstein has been researching and documenting the Israeli treatment of Palestinians in Gaza for many years, and of course he’s active now. Additionally, Rene draws from intellectual activist Noam Chomsky.

Thank you for the insights and context, Rene. I’m glad to see you are well and remaining consistent in your forthright opinions.

Beware Calls to Expand the Gaza Slaughter

There is immediately a growing push for escalation. At once, it is demanded by Israel and promoted by American politicians. America’s hawkish case for more is now spearheaded by Lindsey Graham and John Bolton, who are actively garnering support from others for a direct attack on Iran. Of course, these two are narcissist-proud to be the tip of the spear.

So, at this point, the will of the people and subscription to humanity is still falling on deaf ears. There is no choice but to persist in resistance.