Trivial Capitalism “Fixes” Don’t Qualify for the New Humanitarian Democracy

Bipartisan collusion to prohibit humanitarian democracy, pictured as a elephant and a donkey

Credit the Republicans for having a plan and sticking to it. They are increasingly nervous about the failure and rejection of capitalism. So, today they are launching a new populist conservative movement in economics. This cannot be part of any new humanitarian democracy. It comes under the guise of a new capitalism and a new strain of Republicans.

Today four Republican senators — Cotton, Rubio, Vance and Young — are speaking on Capitol Hill to promote a tyrannical manifesto. It is called “Rebuilding American Capitalism: A Handbook for Conservative Policymakers.” This strategic effort comes from the Romney school of predatory capitalism, and is a heartless doubling down on the eradication of democracy.

The Bipartisan Duopoly Prohibits Humanitarian Democracy

These Republicans are trying to breathe new life into the deadly supply-side trickle down economics trick. The trick that eliminated the middle class. But, if they were truly conservatives, they would realize the economy cannot work without a middle class.

The only thing more diabolical than the Republicans running this play again is this. The Democrats have supported it in the past and they will, if given the chance, do it again. Since the days of FDR, the “compromise” Democrats have done as much or more damage than the Republicans. Whenever the chips are down, Biden is most adept at doing the opposite of what you would expect from the party of the people. The recent railroad and budget fiascos are examples. He does not hesitate, especially in these dire times, to prohibit humanitarian democracy. The Democrats are right of center, conservatives.

America’s Last Hoorah in the crucible of democracy