Denial and Suppression: The Tremendous Bipartisan Agreement

How far will Biden go with denial and suppression against the Gaza war protesters?

Thanks to those who stand in the face of denial and suppression. The Gaza slaughter has brought people together in a measure of strength. But it is obvious that the government is positioned and edging toward another authoritative slap-down. This is because the people aren’t going away. They’re being noisy. Bravo, over there in Dearborn. You have allies, as you know.

Yes, Biden is acknowledging his “to the death” pact with Netanyahu might actually be that for himself politically. So, he is at least in the lip-service mode, not yet advanced to the “I tried” phase, as he did in his tax-the-rich and relieve-student-debt follies. Biden cannot run as “saving democracy” or “down on fascism” if he is the primary enabler of the hottest fascist cause in the world. Israel could not wage the war without the US and the US is able to end the war any time. Yet we give billions in the bottomless funding charade. Can anybody confirm Israel doesn’t have more money than the US? Just kidding. And let me not digress…

The People are Paying Close Attention

Denial and suppression have always been part of the American equation. But under current bipartisan fearmongering, this behavioral control mechanism has evolved and stooped to new levels of draconian turpitude.

This is not offered in anger or self-righteousness or as all-knowing. Rather, it is the realization that the government is not showing any intention or capability of maintaining the Democracy. Democracy has not failed; leadership is failing Democracy.

Our government won’t stand for everyday citizens speaking truth to power, or instilling power into the truth, not if peaceful people get too loud or persistent, and not when the government has a divergent agenda. Conversely, if the action serves the government agenda, it doesn’t matter if the protesters are armed and violent, the system does not vigorously pursue them (and officials deny that they are letting them go). Both parties actively honor this taciturn bipartisan agreement.

America’s Modern History of Denial and Suppression

Over the last twelve years, as regards issues of national and/or worldly import, American governmental forces have gotten more sophisticated and absolute in terms of shutting down the voice and will of everyday people. This is the same government that claims they might someday act on AI.

Now, with the Judeo-Christian juggernaut tracking aggressively into global war, the governments are displaying little or no tolerance for dissention. To think openly about this is certainly antisemitism to Israel. Plus, the capitalistic war machine is always perfect justification to the people that matter, as defined by the politicos.

Each of the following events featured governmental manipulation of law and order for political purposes, sometimes killing and certainly jailing some while protecting others. Sadly, that is the ongoing old standard. The more sinister new pattern is that suppression features use of Homeland Security and special communication channels to “call the shots”, essentially from the White House.

Can President Biden, in an election year, when he is in for billions and billions of dollars, be counted upon to do the right thing? Mr. Biden was and is an insider on every one of the following. Now mankind needs him to stop the Gaza atrocities and stop penalizing people for resisting. Mr. Biden, cease the war to begin restoring credibility. Stop playing dumb about why common citizens don’t appreciate you.

The refinement steps of denial and suppression in modern America, from occupy wall street to Gaza war resistance.

A Review of Denial and Suppression in Modern America

Occupy Wall Street Started the New Style of Suppression

Who doesn’t remember the bold 99%ers that stood up in opposition to extreme income inequality? A lot has been written and there is a lot to learn from this movement. It was almost spontaneous and seemingly caught the authorities off guard. But the government gathered itself and squashed this wholesome little man’s effort. Obama took out the 99%ers in the first high-tech slap down of resistors. Obama’s sordid history includes his repeated “foaming of the runway” for banks and actions at the expense of everyday people.

The Bundy Ranch Standoff – Armed and Violent and Advocated

Here we have renegade farmers striking out to make use of government land for cattle grazing. This was portrayed as an act of freedom by right wingers. In retrospect, it has been identified as a purveyor of similar things to come. This act involved Oath Keepers, at least one of which would go on to assault the Capitol. Charges against the leader were ‘dropped’ over alleged prosecutorial incompetence. The leader is now running for Governor of Nevada.

Black Lives Matter, or Maybe they don’t Says Some

Hotspots of government action opposing Black Lives Matter were in Seattle and Washington DC. Seattle saw the coordinated government use of police without badges, vigilantes, and extreme force. Goon squads totally crushed the effort. Seattle has just been ordered to pay $10M to protesters. The protesters were subjected to the very conditions they were protesting. Certainly, government action escalated tensions and all-around violence. Trump repeatedly called all BLM protesters terrorists. Trump and Barr held coordinated communications with Governors and pulled in the most aggressive clandestine police agencies. They proclaimed their intent to wage war in any major city. “We’re talking war and we’re going to end it fast, so be tough,” Trump said.

Capitol Assault Reinforced New Lawlessness

Trump called BLM protesters ‘thugs’ but the Capitol-stormers ‘very special’. The political positioning and the willingness to use force to make it stick cannot be any more blatant. But fascism wins under the simple guise of doing nothing. The Supreme Court could quickly easily do the right thing in this wicked instance. But they are a strongest purveyor of denial and oppression. The Court has gone dim on morality and law, but can still enact their agenda by simply doing nothing – stalling.

Today’s Target of Denial and Suppression – Gaza War Resistance

Now we see the hot public fight for and against the Gaza war. But it was also yesterday’s fight, and the day before that. I came across a flyer from 2014 that could have been written today. The same horror and words. The world apparently still needs to be more desensitized to the killing of Palestinian children. Did you notice, on the first days of the current flair up, the contrast in victims from both sides? Israeli hostages wearing the most up-to-date iPhones. And Palestinian children in squalor who have never know anything but.

We are seeing demonization of Arabs (especially Palestinians) and Muslims in general around the world. So the next hateful step is advancement against particular communities. We saw just that on February 2nd 2024, when Steven Stalinsky wrote an opinion for the New York Times titled “Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital”. Authorities need to recognize the progression, and not let it proceed to targeting people who protest the Gaza slaughter.

The MEMRI organization echoed the Wall Street demonization. MEMRI calls for genocide and spells out the targets in America. Such war mongering should not emanate from an organization enjoying non-profit tax advantages. Plus, any group or politician that gets funding from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is bought into the war.

With All This, Are We Looking at that Allusive Civil War? Yes.

Our government has made it clear. Sometimes the clarity is virtual and sometimes it is harshly real. The blanket over America can be considered the new slavery. It is not left versus right; it is good versus evil. It is the increasingly wayward government advocating for the corporate masters. The government does this, and everything is fine unless people take a stand. Then the hammer comes down in the form of denial and suppression. This is the new civil war. No longer is it even clear that ruling establishment politicians have any regard for citizens. We are witnesses to the loss of Democracy at the hands of bipartisanship.

Citizens Prepare and Unite. Stay the Course in the Face of Denial and Oppression

All the good values of the American system have been eroded or undermined, and we are left with lies and deception that holds the power. When nothing works and there are no choices, people understandably lose faith in government. America’s headlong governmental rush into the Gaza war crimes has done the service of putting a fine point on the situation. The oil-driven war machine might already be too far committed. People are willing to fight, but not in the fashion or for the purposes that the US-Israeli steamroller is promoting.

People have conviction to keep America as a viable functioning Democracy. We need a new America. And these people see a world humanitarian responsibility. So, they will speak out and protest in the face of wrong-doing, and government should not simply erase them. People, stay the course and influence your elected representatives. Question authority, and don’t go quietly.