World Order 101: The Ultimate Follow the Money

depicts world order change coming as a hot desert

World order changes are not something that God has ‘allowed’ to happen to man. It’s one of the challenges that man has created and brought upon himself. Profound changes are in the works.

World order change, also known as geopolitics, is an undeniable ongoing force. It plays a large part in writing the history of man. It is the dominant system, and it continually evolves, sometimes resulting in a total new order. Geopolitics determine which global power is in charge and dictates what the remaining others must do to preserve or enhance their positions.

The USA has been the geopolitical force and leader since roughly the end of WWII. World wars are a primary bellwether of geopolitical change, which in turn drives the monetary system, living conditions, and country alliances. With wars and rumors of wars ramping up, as the USA prints more money to keep the lights on, people need to see what is coming and consider alternatives.

Sweet Irony: Clarity from a Capitalist

Ray Dalio, world investor and economic analyst, has profited handsomely from the USA’s geopolitical position. Now, citing history as relates to today’s world situation, he provides compelling insights to ongoing changes. For an excellent overview, see this free video primer, Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order.

Dalio seemingly has little to hide or gain as he takes his candid and, in some respects, controversial stance. In recent interviews, he has discussed five points setting the stage for world-level change:

  • debt run amuck for the reserve currency (the US dollar), and the associated printing of money;
  • internal conflict within the USA as the top place holder, particularly wealth gaps and resultant populism;
  • external conflict rising and threatening the USA’s world position, such as wars and weakening alliances;
  • acts of nature like environmental failure and pandemics;
  • uncontrolled technology.

The last two on this list are secondary to the first three; they accelerate and exacerbate. But, in total, the status of all the items on this list suggests we are now in a state where something has to give. The foremost indicator that the change has commenced: the BRICS consortium, and its associated push for a new world trade currency.

Here It Comes. So, What?

Thanks to Dalio for having the insight and character to spell out the impending change. The USA has always had, and still has within its grasp, options to shape the coming world order change. Through its implementation of capitalism, America has cannibalized its world position and the American dream.