DOJ Names Special Counsel: Why Now? Bipartisanship

AG Garland holdspressconference toname special counsel, Jack Smith.

Today, Attorney General Garland named a special counsel to consider the criminality of former President Trump. This is important for many reasons. It is potentially a substantial step to salvage democracy, hopefully helping shore-up the rule of law.

Thank you, AG Garland for this signal of positive intent. Best wishes and God speed to you and Counselor Jack Smith to adroitly finish the journey, to the sorely needed good of the country.

Of all the conjecture and wonderment this appointment generates, the most pressing question is, why now. Or more straightforwardly, why did it take so long. Neither anger nor political interest drives these questions; they indicate the dire need to stop the existential threat and prevailing plunder of the Democracy at the hands of feckless, if not criminal, politicians.

It Is Not Plausible That Special Counsel Comes Now in Response to Trump’s Candidacy

Yes, it is acceptable that it is, as AG Garland stated, “in the public interest to appoint a special counsel”. But no, it is not satisfactory or credible to say this is driven by Trump’s announcement of candidacy. This reasoning is sadly comedic, and confirms our dire state.

Trump’s announcement to run came as no surprise. It is quite more of a surprise that he received no formal party support. This lack of party support is the reality – the trigger or enabler or signal – that made it politically apropos to go ahead and prosecute him. Republicans and donors threw him under the bus so we see another instance of bipartisan agreement.

Interestingly, all party affiliated politicians and pundits seemingly buy the reasoning – that he is okay to prosecute because he announced candidacy. Putting aside the inconsistency of candidacy making you a more viable criminal target, it’s an amazing buy-in. The bottom line, Trump is no more obviously criminal now than he was at the beginning of last year.

Bipartisanship Brought Us Here, Has Never Delivered, and by Design, Will Not Fix Anything

Bipartisanship, in relatively innocent regard, at the core of our political charade, contributes greatly to the dysfunctionality of Congress. More critically, via the filibuster, bipartisanship has become the harbinger of fascism. It looms over the welfare of the citizenry and the ideology of Democracy. (Just imagine the chagrin of the growing fascist faction when they see AG Garland making this announcemnt surrounded by women and people of color. You must spend close-contact time in the heartland to appreciate the full seriousness.)

In the absence of government progress in context of inability to protect the people or keep the basic budget in place, bipartisanship merits close critical examination. There is a cause-effect relationship between today’s bipartisanship and the need for everybody to have protection details. This is the wokeness we need.

Obviously, neither AG Garland nor Special Counsel Jack Smith (pictured here) are responsible for the shortage of excellence in government, or rampant political treachery. There is much hope that they persevere. Mr. Smith is an apolitical career prosecutor.