Well-Being for All: Helping Restore the American Good Life

tadgic masks asking, will there be an election

Well-Being for all is a characteristic of civilization. The privileged still have it, but most don’t. Trends demand decisions and action to restore wellbeing.

Wellbeing – A Brief Introduction

Virtue is moral excellence. In practice, virtue allows something to act in harmony with its purpose. Consider, for example, the Declaration of Independence, which calls for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, we still have life and a measure of freedom, but happiness is essentially gone. Anyone can see this within 2024’s flood of stress and depression, or in Biden’s consternation about his lack of support.

So, America has fallen away from happiness, and must now settle for wellbeing. Americans, like most people of the world, nervously hope for fundamental wellbeing, like not getting shot and having food to eat. This is the case, as happiness recedes into the faded American dream. In these times, none of our rights can be held up as unalienable.

America needs wellbeing for all, depicted as frayed heads

Aristotle made a distinction between good character and happiness. He coined the term eudaimonia [yu-day-monia] as living virtuously – or simply, being good. Being or doing good doesn’t guarantee ‘happiness’ in today’s context. In fact, eudaimonia might mean doing something that makes us unhappy, like the necessary telling of unsettling truths to our friends.  

Moral turpitude is relentlessly eating away at all the peoples’ rights. If leaders can find the gumption to reassert fundamental wellbeing for all, happiness comes back within grasp.

Gaza: Today’s Apocalyptic Reveal

The ongoing Gaza slaughter is helping the world connect the dots. This humanitarian travesty is world changing. With profound hypocrisy, the US is openly demonstrating that it no longer supports freedom and democracy. The US has become the country of perpetual war, and only knows to keep bombing.