Vulnerable Democracy: Lawlessness Can Explode Into Anarchy and Chaos

USA Supreme Court getting plenty of cover to do what they want. So, we have a vulnerable democracy.

Prevailing morals and special interests are strangling our increasingly vulnerable democracy. American democracy, the light of the world, is on the ropes. Some big bad somebody has a knee on the neck of America. Is his name Clarence?

Amicus briefs, (delivered by right-wing ‘friends of the court’), always readily provide the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) with justification to do whatever they want. So, just like they did with abortion rights, they have a ready path to absolve Trump.

Justice Alito’s approach to striking down the Dobbs opinion (to prohibit abortions) was an amicus-powered example. Further, Alito aligned with 17th century British barrister Matthew Hale. Hale wrote that a man could not be charged with marital rape. Like today’s SCOTUS goombahs, Hale espoused that legally enforceable rights for women over their bodies was a threat to men’s freedom.

Bipartisan Dereliction and Destruction Will Not End Gracefully

The GOP continues to display its predatory madness. One can trace a clear line from Nixon to Regan to Gingrich to Mr. Cheney with the party ending at Trump. These men and their cohorts have assailed the constitution, regulation, expertise, the environment, women, the poor, minorities and immigrants. Our current derelict state is a function of decades of vilifying and undermining governance. And it is not just the Republicans. Both parties keep the warring capitalist culture fire burning hot. Of the parties, only one suffers a credibility problem. Who doesn’t know what Trump is going to do? As the perpetual lesser-of-evils, the Democrats are dependent on the Republicans. So, Dems will not hold GOPers accountable in straightforward fashion, in order to keep the handy option of doing nothing forever.

Anarchy and Chaos Come Easy to a Vulnerable Democracy

Anarchy (no government or leadership) is said to give a heady abundance of freedom and chaos and some push for it. But, it is the wrong kind. The freedom that’s bubbling is for people to do whatever they want to each other. And it is a chaos like what Trump advocates when he calls for the armed forces to stop protesters.

Chaos has always been a feature of living in the USA; the country was founded on chaos. Chaos can be stimulating and fun or adventurous. But over time, and especially of late, it has become a tool in the culture war. The ongoing assault against democracy is weaponizing chaos. SCOTUS is proscribing anarchy. So, call it a controlled chaotic consensus.

Our democracy has been officially downgraded, and we are feeling it. The Supreme Court has the power to directly do the right things which could start to turn the tide. True leaders for the people are desperately needed.