Special Master: More Stuff on the Justice Dung Heap

a special master is appeasement while the justice system struggles

The stuff is flying. And here comes the odiferous special master. It splats down to delay and dilute and otherwise undermine the constructs of justice. Decision makers only roll it out for special people and cases. And Mr. Trump is oh-so-stinky special; just ask any GOP of rank.

If you are in a jam and are scrambling to stay ahead of the law, just get a special master, an independent arbiter. Make sure your master she/he is up high and over there, able to circumvent and question, perched to delay even beyond the ponderous and wounded “normal” course of justice.

Tongue in cheek:
Use the special master to remind that the above-the-law question is still unsettled. Be proud that you enjoy the top-shelf slick and privileged way to hide your bad. With all your autocratic pressure, people must be wearing down and apt to lose interest. So, chin up, Donald.

This is not a primer for Donald Trump, or even the swarming wannabees. It’s a hope of providing helpful awareness for thinking caring people.

Special Masters Only Add to the Stench

We flounder in the same justice systems challenges, problems and failures that have been spinning unfettered for decades. These include guns, human trafficking, terrorist activities, racism, and cybercrime. None of the splintered “reform” efforts seem to be sticking; and they have no chance if we don’t “put the big rocks in first”. Isolated hopeful efforts like dispute resolution through fair plea bargaining, problem-solving courts, and restorative justice are suffering under new high-level lawlessness.

The point here: the biggest pieces of stink in the system are 1) the mere existence of the executive pardon, and 2), the compromised Supreme Court. These are inextricably tied to corporate corruption. Special masters are not quite as vile as these two; but it is in the category of things that must be radically changed before there can be meaningful progress on the street crimes. It is one of the big rocks in the way, an out for affluent criminals.

This worry assumes, of course, that we care about all people and don’t just pay lip service to humanity. In other words, we still want to be a viable democracy.

Hungry lawyers are part and parcel of all the country’s problems, so at a certain point, they own it. “So what?” they are able to say. At this point, just accept that plenty of lawyers love this special master stuff, and will do most anything to live that piece of the dream.

At best, a special master is a concession that the system as defined and used is not capable. An elaborate band-aid of privilege.

An Insufferably Foul Odor in the Trump Case

That Trump appointed the judge who is making decisions in his case is sadly telling. He and those lurking in the background are reduced to a three-step game. It’s just another in the blatantly obvious steps toward fascism. The game is on: stall and burden the system (use the special master); position for a pardon which comes when a Republican gets elected; hold out for Supreme Court relief. A simple but powerful plan, raising an equally powerful stink.

Justice, a tenate of society and civilization, is floundering in the USA. So, we must look hard at what has caused this problem, and take difficult steps to get the stench out. Conventions like the special master are prime obstructors of American progress.