So-Called Self-Hating Jews See the Tragedy of Gaza

Self hating Jews say end the war in Gaza

Self-hating Jews provide important insight in these troubled times. This article touches on what that means and introduces a couple of such people.

Over time, Jews have used “self-hating” to beat down Jews that dare to criticize the Jewish state. The label has been a handy powerful tool of self-righteous Zionists who, over time, have become patently fascist. Does anybody see the irony in this?

Self-hating Jews are critical of the Jewish state, indeed acknowledging the state's increasingly fascist orientation in street rallies.

The name-callers say self-haters are antisemitic. So, this name-calling is historically an attempt by Jews to clean house. Their logic goes on to say that if you criticize Israel, you are out of God’s grace. Maybe this frames President Biden’s Judeo-Christian conundrum. Is he trembling in his religious boots? What else would compel Biden to abandon all and back-slap with Netanyahu, a world-class fascist?

Depiction of Joe Biden claiming to be a Zionist. Zionism promotes the idea of self-hating Jews as a control mechanism.

You need not be a Jew to be a Zionist, and you need not be a MAGA Republican to be openly supporting fascism. This is another tragic Biden error (sadly, maybe not his worst).

Of course, antisemitism as a control mechanism has grown far beyond the Jewish state “policing it’s own”. It has become a powerful global propaganda tool, raising seemingly endless funding, and influencing the world narrative. Absolutely, antisemitism exists, and it must be stopped, or at least better controlled. But that won’t happen if the effort is subjected to manipulation and extremism.

Back to those Pesky Self-Hating Jews

First of all, they are not really self-hating. They are truth seeking and opinionated.

Two days after the Gaza war started, I interviewed Detroiter Rene Lichtman. Rene is a child holocaust survivor. But maybe more importantly, he holds an informed and outspoken opinion on Jewish and world affairs. He has spent time in France this year, helping preserve details of the WWII Nazi occupation.

At the start of the Gaza war, Rene was adamant that America should not be facilitating and legitimizing rampant open warfare. Like many, he said we should be calling for a cease fire. Additionally, in those first days, like nobody else, he said the Hamas attack was no surprise. I found this a bit shocking. He said there is a perceivable Israeli pattern of purposefully letting things go with the Palestinians, so IDF could “mow the grass”.

Per Rene in October: “It was no failure of security. They let it go. In fact, Netanyahu wanted it to happen. He needed a diversion to get the focus off his legal troubles. The only intelligence failure might be that they underestimated the force with which Hamas would attack”.

Rene also said that the truth would all come out and it means finally the end of Netanyahu. “Everything about it is under Israeli control”. Now after two months, the New York Times reports that the attack plan was known well in advance. While there is ambiguity about why Israel didn’t act, Rene’s story is ringing true. So, the interview needs to continue.

An Important Deep Opinion

A far left liberal voice for Jewish and Palestinian issues is Norman Finkelstein. He has a qualified opinion, developed over about forty years. However, not everyone can handle his unfettered straightforward talks. For example, he recently made the point that, if you knowingly proceed with awareness that you will bring about genocide, then your intent is genocide.

Finkelstein is a scholar and intellect, able to stand up to about anybody. He is a powerful political scientist. But as a radical, mainstream sources do not engage with him. This, even though developments in the Middle East could allow him to say “told you so”. Here is a current YouTube interview that shows his stance.