Recent SCOTUS Manipulation Is Eroding Justice

SCOTUS manipulation has become blatant and accelerated in the last years. At this dark point, it erodes most all aspects of American justice. Justice was floundering before this barrage. Now, with the likes of McConnell and the monied interests he represents, the manipulation renders the Supreme Court supremely broken. The SCOTUS, in its recently assumed form, stands for delay and fear and predisposition, rather than the safety or will of the people.


Remember when some politicians were a bit corrupt and most at least gave the impression of caring? Much has been lost and we flounder wildly in the absence of honest leadership.  Still, the people are relentless and will prevail – truly positive changes are truly coming.

We are currently so far down the moral and humanitarian abyss that there is no longer any assumption that elected officials can or will do the right things. Now contention and worry is intensely galvanized on the Supreme Court.

SCOTUS manipulation must be stopped and the institution restored if we are to save the democracy.

Decisions rendered in the last days indicate the SCOTUS not to be the bulwark we assumed and which we now so sorely need. The majority opinion has bent to Trump’s favor on important matters, with indications that additional far-right conservative interests will be pursued (for example, repeal of Roe v. Wade).

Right wing interests would be the court’s promoted agenda even if Justice Kennedy hadn’t retired and presented Trump with an opportunity to add another relatively conservative justice.

With Justice Kennedy’s sterling reputation, it is discerning that he would announce retirement the day after giving the majority to what some are calling the worst SCOTUS decision ever made (Muslim travel ban). It’s also a wonderment that Kennedy would let himself be replaced by (and aligned with) Trump when his legacy would otherwise be so profound.

All of this is happening against a backdrop of high crime and treachery, which resulted in the ongoing Mueller investigation of the Trump presidential campaign. Trump’s presidential legitimacy is questioned and he takes advice from Putin of Russia, while discounting long time deep alliances.

Both the approval of a new justice and the investigation of election tampering are working toward the same fall calendar.  Trump intends to have his justice pick in place before the fall elections (when the democrats have a significant chance of re-taking the House or Senate).  But Trump’s most pressing need is to have the SCOTUS loaded so he can refuse to cooperate and have results from the ongoing investigation summarily dismissed.

This is to say Trump is operating as if he is well down the path to autocracy, he is gathering steam and running amok, knowing he needs to take full control before anyone or anything can stop him. Yes, this is dangerously psycho or sociopathic, as has been repeatedly consistently observed.

In this context, people in a functioning democracy should have a say.  People are saying the President shouldn’t be allowed to appoint a replacement for Justice Kennedy until we know that Trump is not compromised by Russia.

However, Republicans have recently reinforced their disregard for things like rule of law, and have largely shown their delight to help Trump along and ride his coattails. Democrats are anxious to somehow overcome their power failure and are searching for alternatives to halt the appointment.

Please push politicians to stop SCOTUS manipulation:

The nomination and subsequent efforts to grant or stifle it will be a grand demonstration of who we are. American democracy hangs in the balance – it might well come down to a defined set of Senators who represent opportunities and threats that need to be worked.

Don’t assume Mueller will take care of it. And don’t wait – contact your Senator and ask them to please save our democracy.