Questions About an Exciting New Strike Force Idea

questions to the new strike force - Workers Strike Back

A new strike force idea was born in Seattle, where it has experienced some local success. Now they are actively working to take the effort national. Their work draws heavily on the history of labor conflict and rights, applied to America’s dire needs of the day. So, while not perfectly literally new, it is a new context and an updated approach to establish fighting left politics.

Under the name Workers Strike Back, they are certainly not timid. They are refreshing and exciting and fighting to go against core national problems, placing all loyalty with the people, the workers. Especially hope instilling are contentions that they are having success with young people, of left and some right leaning persuasion.

While it is tempting to jump right in, I first have questions. I hope they answer, because I hope they succeed. Something like this is needed or America goes under without much of a whimper.

My Questions to the New Strike Force Organizers

The exact text as submitted to Workers Strike Back follows.

I am an independent progressive and a writer. I became aware of you through the recent Chris Hedges interview featuring Kshama Sawant. Everything in the interview and on your website states the important (and urgent) need for a unified work force. If there is a snow-ball’s chance of succeeding with any of your noble goals, you will need thousands like me.

It is great that you have clear meaningful objectives and your eyes are wide-open to the work and challenges the coalition represents. Please allow me to probe more. Please honor the following top-of-mind questions. These are things active supporters will truly need to know, things the organizers should readily know.

Questions to anticipate and overcome resistance, and build trust.

  • There is a countless hoard of Americans who consider themselves Christian, who will fight for a fair working democracy. As a broken nation of Christian domination and heritage, what is the initiative’s stance on religion in general and Christianity in particular? Is it more than separation of church and state? How will all religious persuasions be properly included, yet not allowed to control?
  • Does your socialist leadership imply not democratic? Democracy, and the attendant freedoms, is what the people want to keep and will fight for. What is the basic relationship/difference between your definition of socialism and social democracy and traditional democracy?
  • Sometimes the label “militant labor movement” is used. While not being critical of the label, can you please provide context and specifics of what this means, especially with regard to the word militant?

Thank you for considering. I spent many years professionally facilitating organizational change. So, I realize you must protect yourself/selves from all manner of organized assault against your initiative. At the same time, people are waiting on additional specifics before committing, as embodied in these questions. Of course, the questions and education will never stop, but there is need to start with basic comfort-building. I am not asking anything more than what needs to be publicly shared to grow the organization and execute a winning strategy.   

Respectfully, help me help you.
Jim Sutton, Michigan