Preserve and Protect Scarce Leadership: the Tennessee Three

we need the Tennessee three

Heartfelt thanks to the Tennessee Three. Their passion injects hope. They burst through with selfless, inspiring leadership. Rightly and necessarily, they supersede back-room politics and, once again, lay bare the evil of racist hatred. Their character and bravery are rare commodities in political America. They are democracy in action. But the establishment is racing to control or kill it.

Gun violence was the catalyst for this glory-bound state-level action. And these representatives quickly show they are more broadly capable than our ocean of feckless politicians. Acknowledge them as the leaders they are. Also, thank them for the reminder that true Christianity is not the white supremacist variety.

Yes, Tennessee is the birthplace of the Klan. At least as significantly, it was also the turning point of the Civil War, where the South was penetrated and began to lose to the North. Tennesseans, when you talk to them, seem never to have been able to accept or live this defeat down. Tennessee is still holding to the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. It is poetic justice if Tennessee can still be the place where flagrant fascism finally falls.

In that government chamber and in the streets, Tennessee supremacists are talking about the uppity “people of color” that are causing problems. Expulsion was just a speed-bump. In close circles, it is said that “the only thing better than a dead nigger is a dead white nigger.” So, protect them all.

Tennessee three photos; a white woman and two black men

Let the Tennessee Three Continue to Stand Against Bipartisanship Assault

We live in a political duopoly that is leaning into tyranny. Neither party tolerates fresh energy that threatens the status quo. The big-money power brokers will try to stop any serious intent to raise up the common people. Corporate capitalism is the bulwark priority of both parties, even as it kills children and the democracy itself. This is where the character test for these three will ramp up. Help them keep standing.

The Republicans get credit for showing where they stand; they will shoot you head on. The Democrats not so much; they are the back-shooters, the ever-failing subtle illusion of the lesser evil. Three brave willing-to-fight people created this Tennessee enlightenment. The mainstream Democratic party does not possess and cannot create such leadership. Otherwise, they would be able to readily able to name the next three – but they cannot. Today’s Democratic party is at odds with such raw humanity; they in fact thwart it, but will manipulate it as they can.

Democratic Socialism Needs Leaders Like These Three

These three are not consumed by fear. They speak truth, and quickly earn peoples’ trust. Don’t let them be nails to hammer down. Would that they and similarly inspired others become central to a peoples’ working-class effort to break the elitist democracy-killing cycle.

The only path to substantial lasting success is outside the existing parties and corporate capitalism. A truly progressive movement with leaders like these could finally slow the bipartisan death spiral. More power to these three, if they can make the break. And Johnny Cash would like them too.