One of the Last Standing Hell Hawks: Bob Russell

One of the Last Standing Hell Hawks is Bob Russell

Many people love Bob Russell, one of the heroic Hell Hawks of WWII. This distinguished man’s 99th birthday is on January 17th. So, adoring family, friends, and veterans will join him on and around that day in Dunedin, Florida.

UPDATE: Here is a recap of a great party week!

Bob is a regular at local VFW Post #2550, where there will be a party the evening of January 20th. In fact, it will be a dual party, for a pair of 99-year vets! Just imagine; it’s always special to celebrate when the WWII folks show up. If you do the math, depending on when they started their service, you could deduce these guys started their service a little early.

I hope to learn how many Hell Hawks are still with us. We certainly have one in Bob Russell. He was part of the 387th Squadron of the 365th Fighter Group, in the Army Air Corp. During the last of his thirteen missions, retreating Germans shot him down in their frenzy to get to Berlin. Bob took shrapnel to his legs and crashed near a bridge over the Elbe River.

The Mystique of the WWII P47 Squadrons Will Live Forever

Check out Hell Hawks, Heroes of the Army Air Corp, from whom this picture is borrowed. They provide and preserve an appreciation of awesome fly boy comradery and heroism.

After the good times of the next couple of weeks is had by all, I will update this article. Also, you can anticipate a short biographical profile of Bob Russell, a Florida Flyboy.