Middle Class Michigan – A Levin Family Tradition

Middle class strength has been the means and end for the Levin family. Now, Andy, is looking to carry on the tradition. Andy and his father Sander were both present at an event this Friday, along with legendary John Lewis. Positive progressive energy was shining.

The MI 9th district is credited with an important role in shaping the American Middle Class.  Democrats were there in support of Andy Levin this past Saturday, at the Detroit Plumbers Hall in Madison Heights. Andy confirms that the MI 9th is now active in revitalizing life for the middle class.

Gathering for Middle Class Michigan

Young Mr. Levin is a candidate for US Congress to represent the MI 9th. Andy was introduced by Mary Kay Henry, the International President of the SEIC, and was followed up by civil rights icon John Lewis. It was a special opportunity to be among these distinguished speakers, as well as Andy’s father, Sandy Levin.

Focus on Restoring Middle Class Strength Michigan

Mary Kay Henry of Troy, MI, attended. She has become a bright light for the progressive movement in the US. She spoke about Andy’s readiness and ability to lead the restoration of  Michigan to what we all want. Ms. Henry said it is wrong that people work so hard and still fall further behind, and that tax cuts for the rich are endangering our children.  She is excited that we are now fighting to preserve the peoples’ democracy, and says newly elected officials like Andy will be vital to completing the task.

Andy Levin, son of Sandy whose seat he is campaigning to take, spoke plainly about democratic resistance in 2016, and that we need to be establish better  vision. He also talked about the hard work necessary to succeed, and  put it in  an interesting and practical view of the Blue Wave. Andy looks beyond the wave, saying it’s important  to have a beautiful shore to land on – the beautiful shore is the needed vision.

Andy  sees a beautiful beach landing spot where the Blue Wave will land. The beach – the necessary democratic vision – includes  the following. Landing there  implies economic/tax responsibility where we are less of a business-serving war economy.
  • human rights for all
  • health care as a right (not a commodity)
  • comprehensive education makeover
  • living wages & union reform
  • environmental responsibility
  • infrastructure

History will recognize John Lewis well, and it was electric to be in his presence.  He spoke with passion,  touting Andy’s smartness, leadership, track record, and organizational skills. A couple of times Congressman Lewis expressed thanks people for getting in the way of bad politics, and said we have to get in some good-necessary-trouble to win.

John Lewis was firm about getting out the vote. He reminded the audience that people gave blood to get us the right to vote, so now we probably don’t have to bleed to be able to exercise it. Vote!  He also reminded that we all came here on different boats, but we’re all in the same boat now.

Sandy Levin, John Lewis and Mary K Henry are among our better angels. Andy Levin – competent, committed, organized, experienced – is definitely on the way. These people make meaningful contributions to the quality of all American life, emphasizing the middle class.