Great Varied Talents of Humanitarian Tim Wright

A needle point example of the talented Tim Wright

Tim Wright was most certainly a talented humanitarian. You could see this in casually meeting him, or in observing him in the church or at the barn, always doling out his persistent love and caring.

2022 is the second Christmas since Tim’s passing. Many remember joyous seasons with him, such as those at St. John’s Episcopal in Dryden, Michigan. We miss that. But I also think of him in relation to the trying social times within which we find ourselves. Tim would be the first to tell you he’s no saint, but I have found myself asking how he would handle this or that. He was good and dependable in ways that should never be taken for granted. The world needs lots of Tim Wrights.

Tim Wright and daugter in hats by the barn.

Tim had a degree of selflessness and intellect that together would have made him a good politician. Whatever politicking he did was lovingly applied to the interests of the Episcopal church and the horse community (nationally and especially Oakland County). And of course, family.

The sister city of Oxford, England – that being Oxford, Michigan – might not have realized what a noble instance of tradition and rich heritage she had in Tim Wright. His full name is Timothy Boone Talcott Wright. He carried harsh tragedy through the bulk of his life. This helped mold him into a uniquely strong and compassionate man. He could show a stiff upper lip if needed.

Talcott coat of arms, acknowledging the birthrightof Tim Wright
See You in Heaven, Tim
Tim Wright needpoint

After Tim passed, I was lucky to receive this beautiful piece of his needlepoint. It was suffering from neglect, but shows his spirit and talent. Another friend surprised me by having it cleaned and mounted and framed. I am glad these two life friends got to know each other. It surprised me and seems appropriate that the needlepoint can be displayed in either direction; this is as I have it hung in my office.

With Symphonia Chorale at Addison Oaks Park