GOP Miracle Man Mike Johnson is Subject to God’s Will

Getting to know GOP miracle man Mike Johnson.

The new Speaker’s scandals and self-righteousness keep unfolding. Though he doesn’t publically proclaim himself to be the GOP miracle man, they are certainly yukking it up in the backrooms. Prayers for Mike Johnson. And for America.

Speaker Johnson is subject to God’s will – not the other way around. He is not a will or plan of goodness. He is more a harbinger of hate and fear, one who politely denies and suppresses the will of most people.

Obvious questions include: where is the true Christian community on this type of behavior? And just how feckless are the Democrats?

Johnson’s Charade is Not Godly, or Even Humane

This one-nation-under-God is floundering, deep in an abyss of fear and hate from which it cannot recover without the power and will of God. But salvation does not come in the form of Mike Johnson and his fantastical machinations.

In a bottomless leadership void, the GOP has bet on Mike Johnson to be the kill-shot that cements the people within a pool of fascism, for him to be the coup de grâce of their “burn it down” strategy. This is an evil act of desperation that will not succeed. Mike Johnson is a big fresh bucket of gasoline on the blazing fire our democracy currently is. And no amount of contrived piousness and righteousness can quench it.  

GOP Miracle Man Mike Johnson

Johnson throws his God shroud over every question and issue. He is called out in the Washington Post as another “Eat Your Face” leopard.

Faith is not the belief that God can do what you (Mike Johnson) and your ilk selfishly want. Rather, faith is knowing that God will prevail in peace and love for all, and in this you are lost.

PublicNotice research reveals Johnson as the new poster boy for Christofascism. An example: school shootings are caused by teaching students they came from “primordial slime”, and by no-fault divorce laws.

The GOP Miracle Man is Diabolically Theocratic, Not Democratic

God has served Mike Johnson well, opening doors, justifying and empowering an aggressive agenda. But his efforts feature deep fantasy and psycho-tainted control. Now Johnson expects God to enable the new democracy-killing form of the Republican party.

Sadly, most government is shaped in the proverbial back room. That’s where Johnson can unfettered use God against his fellow politicians. And it’s where he will bring them together in a lustful zeal for power and money that attempts to run over the will of the people. Johnson and his collaborators would have you believe this is God’s command, not theirs. Their efforts are doomed.

Bastardization of the Christian way is not a viable strategy. Yet the GOP is acting in one accord to relegate God to be a contributor on their team. (Not that this is new, but to a new increased degree).

Republicans knew an outcry would erupt at Johnson’s election to speaker, given his Nationalist Christian spin on nihilism and opportunism in the name of populism. There are no good responses to questions about his leadership to undermine the 2020 presidential election. Instead, Republicans watched and laughed as he lowered the God veil and hid. If the GOP cannot address basic questions head-on now, they never will. Such behavior reinforces their strategy and direction. They strictly advocate Trump’s world, and non-believers or non-acceptors of their faith are just temporary squatters. Hence, the House of the People has become the House of Shame.

Praise God, the Real Winner

He (Johnson) operates as if God is there for his political use. To wit, his efforts wouldn’t keep growing and yielding if God were not with him. This is the conclusion and perceived source of power of a misguided man. Johnson knows all the Christian basics and chooses to apply them deviously.

Think about the GOP miracle man in context of the potter and the clay parable. Would a knowing loving God serve the cadre of dirty GOP diatribes? Only if He relinquishes being the potter and succumbs to being the clay.  Call it treachery.

The GOPO Miracle Man is a leader of treachery.

Obviously, determined tyrants can attempt to “pull a 180” on God at will. This shameful manipulation of religion (again call it treachery) has happened across time in many countries under diverse belief systems. And like other 3rd world tactics of overthrow the GOP has adopted, they now more aggressively shirk God, and use Him for their selfish desires. Still, God sees all, including this ramped-up GOP act of desperation. Thanks be to God.

Of course, Team Johnson has endless resources to Biblically reinterpret and counter anything. It’s the same resources that feed the credulous MAGA minions while starving humanity. Too bad we’re not all of the “right” color or outlook. Thank God for being true and good.

True Christians Have More Than a Chance

The Speaker of the House has a near impossible job in any case. With a big load of important issues, both waiting and emerging, coupled with gross inexperience on the part of the Speaker, it is a daunting in challenge and importance. Thinking caring people might speculate that the new Speaker will simply fail to deliver anything. Certainly, there is such a chance. But wait; there’s more.

You-we-me can all pray for anything we want, just as Speaker Johnson does and advocates, and it’s hard to see how one can be denied prayer. Prayer is much safer than say, Medicare or human rights. Or the lives of you and yours.

Democratic America: wake Up and Rise Against the Open Fascism Manifested in Mike Johnson

Eventually, the theocratic non-democratic government being shoe-horned in will not allow any form of opposing opinion or action. But for now, thinking caring Americans, including Christians, can still speak out and act. Herein lies a window of opportunity, and it well might take shape of a tangible and Godly miracle. That is, an awakening and channeled movement of thinking caring Americans, people who understand and value the privilege of our free democracy. Let’s hope (and pray) there is such a staunch group of die-hard Americans, willing to fight as the bulk of establishment politicians are not.

At the same time, appreciate this delicate point: there seems a growing energy to fight in the homeland, for the homeland. Call it the flipside of “they will not replace us,” where decent folks conclude they will not be passively taken out. Such energy should not be ignored and could possibly be positively channeled. Maybe this willingness-to-fight propels )or is synergistic with) the desired “wake up” miracle. Or is it antithetic rebellion against the guns and money the establishment uses for “dealing in death and stealing in the name of the Lord”? Fighting is all that’s left when government fails to protect the people or their will.

The GOP Miracle Man Versus Reality

As Speaker, Miracle Mike Johnson will no longer enjoy a low profile to obscure his nefarious efforts. He is suddenly a lonely point man in the attack on America. Since he no longer has the luxury of working long and hard in the shadows, one wonder if he has previously laid enough traps and bombs to prevail. Of course, like all the ambitious fascists who have no positive democratic ideas (which is okay because they have no intent to actually govern), he prays and works for the return of Trump.