Dream on America, For the More Perfect Union

picturing depicting the attributes of a more perfect union

American people get to dream of a more perfect union; thankfully it still hangs like a star. It hasn’t been snuffed out, so far. And maybe it just flickered a bit brighter, given the political spectacles of these last days.

The brightness and hope manifested in Hakeem Jefferies – not because he’s a Democrat, but because he might have a vested interest in change. While Republicans make a spectacle of the tear-down-the-government demands they place on leadership, the Democrats manage to keep it in the back room. And sugar-coat it.

Credit the Republicans for clearly and openly showing where they stand, though their assault on the Capitol and House Speakership are one and the same. And credit them for being willing to fight for their cause. Americans aren’t getting openness and conviction from Democrats like they can readily get from Republicans. “Burn it down” is alive and well, brighter than any flickering star.

What’s in the Way of Achieving a More Perfect Union

Root causes would have to cut to the culture of corruption, but looking at the context of these last days…

A Democratic pundit, reporting on Thursday’s speaker hearing said, “it’s a disgusting spectacle and Democrats are letting it happen,” as if this is the honorable approach. If pressed, Democrats would retreat to that better time and place to fight, and being insufficiently powered.

Trouble is, Democrats never find the time or will to exercise their power for the plight of the people, certainly not with sufficient substance. There is no urgency or openly discernible Democratic plan to protect the people, even in these dire times. Being the traditional lesser of evils does not qualify, and it is not clear that Democrats are.

Democrats hold status as the unstoppable party of perpetual war, with its attendant fueling of cannibalistic capitalism. They absolutely DO FIGHT for these interests, which is more aligned with fascism or autocracy. Here they all dance across the aisle. This is the tyrannical power that the Republicans crave, which feeds the charade of bipartisanship. The noble attributes of a more perfect union – the worries of the people – have no chance under this deliberate chosen leadership track. Under the filibuster, the worries of the people are irrelevant to establishment politicians.

At Least We Can Still Offer a Prayer to the Heroes

Profound thanks and eternal Godly blessings to the people who gave so much in the heat of the January 6th assault. Would that we had leadership to have prevented the sad day. And would that we had brave enlightened leadership of democratic principle, brave and forthright enough to respond with the same bravery and selflessness that you showed. Let not the absence of governmental action to punish and bring to justice the perpetrators, commensurate with the offering you gave, dilute the peoples’ heartfelt love and appreciation.