Behold the Post-Midterm Double Down on Fascism

bipartisanship double down on fascism

Establishment politicians, under the long-established chicanery of bipartisanship, are content – even intent – to double down on fascism. In the absence of transparent meaningful corrective action, American democracy is giving way to fascism, faster than ever.

Please excuse that pointed words are necessary to impart dire conditions. Sadly, Congress will appear only a few days of this important lame duck session.

To those many hard-working public servants who are not part of the fecklessness and lunacy, thank you and please don’t lose your resolve; God bless and may you carry the day.

Democracy is Not Failing America; America’s Establishment Politicians Have Abandoned It

America finds itself dependent on the same politicians who created the problems, to fix them. Problem is, the current state is serving them quite well. Plus, they are running scared in the fear they themselves stoke.

Democrats were right to say democracy was on the ballot. And now they gravely error by swiftly running to the same old bipartisanship. If they were serious about fixing or actually doing anything, Democrats (like Schumer) would not waste time courting Republicans. This business-as-usual demonstrates Democratic inability (or lack of will) to hold Republicans accountable for the insurrection.

no double down on fascism

Yes, celebrate that thugs were convicted of seditious conspiracy, but wake up to this: it is but one nail of many needed to secure a single board, when many boards must be put in place to recovery democracy.

If Allowed, the Filibuster Will Turbo Charge the Double Down on Fascism

Politicians who loathe to act on behalf of the people and Democracy will continue to hide behind the filibuster. It has always been the convenient ready tool to deny and suppress people, while enriching the corporations. If irresponsible abuse keeps going forward, the filibuster will help slip the knife in the back of Democracy.

Is there still not enough Senate resolve to eradicate the filibuster as a strong step to save Democracy? Without the filibuster, politicians might have to do their jobs.

A Critical Mass Must Form to Stop the Juggernaut of Anti-Democratic Government

It is great that Americans did not get gunned down at the polls, but there should be no such worry. The recovery of democracy has not meaningfully started. The anti-democracy forces are intent and regrouping.

Republicans, by action and non-action, demonstrate their tyrannical/fascist core. The midterms are over but they are not magically suddenly not fascists. The party can never remake itself in a way that will not have the stench of death.

It is incomprehensible that the Democrats want nothing more than to get back in bed for that enriching “return to normal”. This is not what the people need or want. Unless Democrats get serious on Democracy, like right now, they will have taken their final turn, and Democracy falls on their watch.

With great fanfare, the Democratic establishment called in all the markers to put Joe Biden in place. Now they have prevailed again with the midterms. Rather than any of the multitude of things needed to restore America, Democrats drift away to renew corporate welfare and war.

We the people are getting a glimpse of what it will be like to live in a regime. Independent journalists were showing a pattern of opinion that, while it would be difficult, we could stave off fascism; now the trend acknowledges again that it will be difficult, but the task shifts to that of salvaging democracy.

Let’s stand and halt this double down on fascism.