About Cyber Psalm, by Jim Sutton

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I am a thinker, writer, humanitarian, and activist who believes deeply in the need for a new America. Through Cyber Psalm, I seek to engage and build a shared awareness, encourage positive action, and promote joy. If thinking caring people can come together and work on our common interests without preying on each other, quality of life can go up for everyone.

Cyber Psalm by Jim Sutton

Our God-given ability to use words is still a vital way of coming together to address injustice and to explore the meaning of truth (mine, yours, ours). What’s good? What’s right or wrong? What do you think? Why? At what point do we accept that certain things are badly enough broken to actually make changes?

Anything is possible, right? I am asking you to think about (and share) your ideas on how to get to the new America. That means developing it, and finding the one best way to implement it. If it is obvious, I am not seeing it. I am no conspiracy theorist, but it does seem the establishment machine has us hobbled by “divide and conquer.” On anything positive toward the end of making democracy work again, please feel free to tell me where to go or what to do.

Among my family and friends, I am known as a helper and a worker, on simple meaningful things. It is most rewarding, and I will always do what I can. But there is not enough time to go around, and the screws are getting turned down ever tighter on the common people. Sometimes, I myself struggle within the overall hollowing out of the middle class. Still, I am blessed to be a common older man with freedom to operate as I chose.

Get your mask on and let’s go

As democracy looks to be crumbling, I look for what is wrong and right, and think about how to actually make things better. When I consider actions to improve in relation to my meager family and friends, it is like that story of the airplane going down, and before helping anyone else you have to get your oxygen mask on first.

Over the last ten or so years I have been paying close attention to the bigger picture, looking through lenses of culture, politics, and justice, and their interplay. I have worked past anger and horror at what elected officials have done to America and the entire world. I am fairly well read and follow an array of news sources.

One for all, all for one

I am anchored in metro Detroit. I roam around this beautiful nation, from the country side to the city, interacting with both the “city monsters” and those “killer hillbillies” (tongue-in-cheek). God love them all. I am glad and privileged, or call it lucky. I still enjoy American freedom.

Cyber Psalm serves as a map or a guide, or least an interesting aide. It serves as a repository for my findings and opinions. If you have not already done so, please sign up to receive a monthly newsletter. Please also share Cyber Psalm with others. At every step I welcome your interaction (mailto: JamesSutton@CyberPsalm.com).

Back to the main point: making democracy work again

The USA as a liberal, constitutional, representative democracy is under aggressive assault. We’re all thinking, caring people. So, let’s get together and fix this.

Cyber Psalm as a map or a guide, or least an interesting aide

I want an exchange for us to understand, influence, and entertain each other. So, I submit truth, absent of AI influence (as best I know), in the form of opinion and journalism. Writing is part of being my best self. I enjoy writing and think it is important, even urgent these days.

In conclusion, I go back to the beginning: “if thinking caring people can come together and work on our common interests without preying on each other, quality of life can go up for everyone.” In my opinion, the key is the “without preying on each other” piece. That is where we fail. Under that rock you find the deficiency of morals and the proliferation of crime, and all that that entails.

Please accept Cyber Psalm as my passionate offering. Peace be with you.