The Big Lie Pales Compared to the Big Bet

the big bet of American politics depicted as a game

The big bet says that minority rule will eliminate the will of the people from consideration before the people can salvage democracy. In other words, you totally won’t matter anymore. Then, the very idea of resistance can be squashed. No more democracy charade; call it whatever you please.

The bet is the less-spoken more-pervasive collective political will in America; it’s where the big money rides and common Americans are road-kill. The political players keep stern poker faces and hold the bet closely. They stand pat in bipartisan agreement against the people.

Both political parties are engaged in a dead-end game at the direct expense of the working people. The prevailing powers, establishment politics, are all in to seal-the-deal against representative democracy.

The prevailing political-will is not of, by, or for the people. There are politicians who are not in on the bet, but they are not in number or of power to prevail. Certainly they all see it, but only a handful will openly talk. We the people need to find our war footing, because it is upon us, right here at home.

The bet is bipartisan slight of hand; that hallowed across-the-isle agreement is threatening to take the mother ship down. This is no accident; it’s the choice of most establishment politicians. This is the endless backroom talk and lack of action to support the working class. They have their unquestioned pensions, lobby insurance, and protection details, so they are fine with whatever happens. Once elected, too many officials become dead to defined responsibilities, are not subject to rule of law, and it’s open season on the wage slaves.

It’s beyond not Protecting the People

The politicians are systematically taking out and manipulating fundamental rights, and now that includes the Supreme Court. We cannot expect to vote anybody in or out, while subjected to bastardized religion, etcetera. Every issue is both a costly diversion and a honey hole for the politically connected.

The Republicans are in your face, willing to allow and encourage killing, leaving the confused commoners the little or nothing they deserve. The Democrats stand eager and supportive with weak promises and outright lies, playing the complementary hand, feigning powerlessness and shock. The war economy is cranking on the world, but it’s more than usual aimed at the common folk.

Politicians stand smug behind the filibuster. Even the latest talk of reducing the Senate stranglehold to 55 votes signals their desire to preserve the ability to undercut the will of the people. Persistent predatory flimflam.

America needs good positive politicians (and law and government). But there is growing pathological disease in the political ranks – new uber criminals. It’s not all of them but it’s more than any few bad apples. Eradicate this, please. And I’ll write something up on political stars who steadfastly do their jobs and deserve our support.

The tipping point might well be the January 6th committee efforts. Anyone with open eyes sees what happened, but is it enough to wake up the DOJ? Let’s hope so.