Artist Insights for ArtPrize 2022

ArtPrize 2022 Artist Insights

ArtPrize 2022 is back to its traditional annual timeline. This is good news for art lovers and artists. ArtPrize is a non-profit gem that puts Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the world map. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cash allotments for winning artists. The event this year runs from September 15 – October 2. Artists are preparing now.

James Dozier provided these insights. “Dozier” is an art and culture supporter at large in Detroit. So, of course he advocates for ArtPrize. He provided these thoughts at the recent end-of-year show for Master of Fine Arts recipients at the Cranbrook Art Museum, where he served as an officiant.

An amazing V6 auto engine representation at ArtPrize 2015 – photo by the author
ArtPrize 2022 Artist Insights
  • ArtPrize appreciates art of scale and intense effort. That is, artistry that demonstrates significant investment of time and effort into the finished product.
  • Photos of the art are quite important; professional quality at every juncture is advised. This influences first impressions, placement of the art within the show, and can extend to supportive publications.
  • Certainly, mastery of artistic skill and methods are always important, particularly those that introduce or refine the productive application of new technology.
  • Ultimately, success requires that attendants of the show register and actually vote. This doesn’t necessarily happen. Encourage and remind attendants to vote.

Mr. Dozier gave these ArtPrize insights as we talked about this impressive ceramic quilt by Claire Thibodeau.