Buying Judges: another GOP Assault on Michigan Democracy

The GOP has been relentless in their assault on Michigan democracy. In cahoots with ‘Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution’ and the MI Chamber of Commerce, the MI GOP expects the MI Supreme Court to protect gerrymandering by keeping it off the ballot in November.

From SLATE: “Such an outcome could be calamitous. Removing the redistricting question from the ballot would be legally wrong. It would damage the credibility of Michigan’s judiciary. And it would severely undermine democracy in Michigan”.

The MI GOP has been openly buying off judicial integrity – they’re more aggressive than the Trump federals.

If the MI Supreme Court takes gerrymandering off the November ballot, it reinforces their allegiance to special interests and dark money. 

Right now the MI Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to keep gerrymandering on the November ballot – their decision might be rendered by Aug 1st.

Many people want to make voting maps independently defined, rather than majority party controlled. 425,000 Michiganders signed a petition, coordinated by Voters Not Politicians, to get gerrymandering on the ballot this November. They intend to establish an “Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission” to affect proper Congressional, State Senate, and State Representative districts.

Call your representative now this week of July 23rd, and encourage him/her to fight for keeping gerrymandering reform on the ballot.  Let them know this assault on Michigan democracy is not acceptable.

The SCOTUS says  “justice must satisfy the appearance of justice” which suggests recusal where the risk of bias appears high. It’s not that the MI GOP and their conspirators don’t get it – they apparently don’t care – they are willingly to mar the Michigan Supreme Court’s efficacy and reputation.

The ongoing gerrymandering ballot decision is especially hard for two relatively new GOP justices  – they are essentially swing votes – they are coming up for re-election. 

It’s awkward (or at least not typical) that Michigan Supreme Court Justices have party affiliations and are elected. And so now we have Michigan Justices who are supported by opponents of redistricting, who will  decide the proposal’s fate.

The MI GOP established control of the state through  extreme gerrymandering, one of the most abusive cases in the country.  Gerrymandering as it exists in Michigan weakens voting and denies the will of the people.

Given gerrymandering, many Michiganders have never cast a meaningful vote. We must change this!