America in the Geopolitical Wheel of Fortune: Nord Stream

Nord Stream Debacle depicted as World Wheel of Fortune

Last September’s destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline played into the American economic and war interests; it also set the tone of the Ukraine war. On February 21 2023, the UN held a special session calling for full disclosure. Earlier in the month on February 8th, prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh provided the first and only public stance on the matter; he said the USA did it.

So now, the world’s eyes are wide open. This destructive act against infrastructure meets the definitions of terrorism and war crimes. So, there are supporters and detractors of the truth. Of course, if truth comes slowly, it can become more smoke in the haze of war.

If America wants to show it is not a purveyor of perpetual war, this investigation could be a profound proof point.

Biden, Democracy, and Nord Stream All Spin Together

If the Nord Stream truth comes out and points to the Biden administration, it will be a big strike against Biden, at least as much as was the Afghanistan debacle. Let’s hope that the truth reveals that the USA did not do it – not just for Biden’s sake – but for the good of the world and democracy.

Mr. Biden’s administration has quite a head of steam going on the world stage. Even so-called progressives might suggest you are a traitor if you don’t like Biden, let alone question him. Maybe it is fear of autocracy that let’s everybody forget the horrors of war. But in doing this, we the people are willing (or hapless) parties inside a contest of alternative imperial forces – at a certain point it matters not what ideology label you apply. At this level Biden looks similar to Putin, and Republicans and Democrats are in lock step.

As a principled administration, Team Biden should help get the unfettered truth out. Of course, security matters must be closely held. But when aggressive pipeline destruction becomes a piece of history, the truth and reasoning should be made known.

There must be Quality of Life Impr0vement in the Homeland

Geopolitical pressures are always mounting; thankfully they are working on it. The administration has a big complex job, but world worries cannot be at the expense or exclusion of the common American citizenry. Americans must be made safe at home with food on the table, etcetera. It shouldn’t be such a fast spinning wheel of misfortune for the little person.

War, especially a world war, suggests the world is getting critically far along in the geopolitical change cycle. Is the Ukraine war, as pushed along by the Nord Stream event, distinct from World War III, or the start of it? Before long we should know.