REVIEW: “A Very Stable Genius” by Rucker & Leonning

A Very Stable Genius shines light into the darkness of Trump’s inner circle during the first years of his presidency. This book is of historical significance and will stand the test of time. It is a standout display of the writing craft, so it’s a great read in any case.  In sum, enjoy this outstanding journalism.

This book does not reveal major new events; it does provide surprising detail and background into events that most readers previously saw in the news. Still, it does not leave you wishing to have learned something you didn’t already know. A Very Stable Genius puts you right in the room with team Trump.

A Very Stable GeniusThe intimacy and detail with which Philip Rucker and Carol Leonning tell the story leaves you constantly deducing how the “leaks” and interviews came about. It smacks of credibility and intimacy.

If you are not a Trump fan, the book contributes to the man being as dastardly and conflicted as you might think. Trump’s persona rolls along under the colloquialism of “he is who he is”. 

Trump’s questionable personality is revealed. The writing acknowledges his personal belief that he has done nothing wrong. It also gives insight into items that will have to be dealt with during the Trump aftermath. 

Questionable Behavior of Trump’s Cohorts

Passages in A Very Stable Genius show people in Trump’s orbit appreciate the historic import of their activities. Some are not swayed by Trump. But most  revel in the moment and, sitting in the Oval Office, repeatedly doing his dubious bidding.

Trump treats lawyers as important throw-away tools. Society has lately been issuing general opinion on the challenges of being a lawyer. For example, they suffer poor public image.  But this book’s content pushes beyond mere image. It paints lawyers that engage with him as societal menaces that wantonly facilitate corruption.

The G7 summit is used as an example of Trump’s inability to represent America in traditional and secure manner. Tillerson confirmed Putin as a smart committed manipulator, intent on weakening the European alliance that emerged post WWII, which Trump did not appreciate.

A Very Stable Genius reinforces why these two writers are Pulitzer Prize winners. The book came out in timely manner and lends itself to a sequel.